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  • Trike Book

    Hi flyers,   Sorry I missed getting a note on here about the discounted price for my book, "Trikes-The Flexwing Flyers" for the July 4th special sale.  Therefore, for those that missed it you can still get a copy of the 256 page book that is The Trike Flying Bible i...

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  • Knowledge and Understanding

    I wonder if this is similar to 3 axis (GA) pilots learning to fly trikes for the first time??

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  • Learn to fly a flexwing microlight: Ex4

    Just come across this simple learning to fly a Trike vid, thought I would share!

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  • Leo on Final

    @Lfitz3 on final approach with his new student

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  • The TRIKE Book

    For those who don't have it yet, you MUST get this for your reference library.  I'm offering an early Valentine's Special Deal.  The book... "Trikes, The Flex-Wing Flyers"  256 pages of only trike info from lesson plans to history to navigation etc. and use...

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