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  • Vankovia airfield

    My friend Igor is a car mechanic. He repaired my car and asked me: what will you do in the afternoon? I am going to fly... Fly??? Can I fly with you? Yes, you can.... :D 

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  • Henrich continued his training

    Our season has been started.

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  • A winter flying with Jany

    We changed some short messages about weather and with Jany we decided to go flying. We thought about max 15 mins of flight because of cold. We spent 1h and 14mins of beautiful flying time.

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  • a black Sunday

    Martin's training, the engine failure and real emergency landing

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  • I started the season

    Finally a nice weather came here. It was a little thermal but I enjoyed the flight

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  • A gift for Gabi

    We had nice flying time with Gabi.

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  • a vintage

    We flew to vintage to Znojmo - Czech Republic. I phoned to my friend who was on Holíč airport. He told me two trikes are waiting me - hurry up, the sunset will be soon. I had a opposite wind with a thermic (it was 5,30p.m. but temp was 28°C). During the flight I called by radio to my friends. But...

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  • Thomas Bilik - my friend

    Thomas need filled his fuel tank. But he chose bad field to landing :) There was not taxi way to road... He putted canisters to his hands and go... He filled his tank and to back seat he put 2 full canisters for friends. Several years ago I landed to a first field here, taxied via road, stopped b...

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  • Vankovia

    I flew to the Vankovia airfield

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  • Jozef "Dedenko" Sajan

    My father - Jozef "Dedenko" Sajan and his plane: MW-117 wing, VW-1600 engine, Pavelek propeller and his by yourself made trike

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