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  • Hang glider on floats

    Awesome video from youtube - never saw a hang glider with floats before Hang Gliding in the Florida Keys with Capt. Hammer and his Jack russell Terrier "Stevie Nicks". Original Lyrics & Music By our own Skeeter Biscuit

    Tags: Hang glider, hang gliding, floats, florida keys

  • Flying a Trike over Mt Everest and some Parahawking-- Angelo D'Arrigo

    On May 14, 2007, For the first time ever, a man has flown over Everest on a hang-glider. The story, the myth and the legend of this ancient Himalayan land will form the backdrop to a story that grows in tension as Angelo D'Arrigo approaches the moment of truth. He will encounter winds of over 200...

    Tags: Flying a Trike over Mt Everest, Parahawking, Angelo d'Arrigo, Italian aviator, world records, microlights, hang glider, the "Human Condor"

  • Wing Surfing

    Interested in hearing what you hankies think about this. I think I'll skip the trike version

    Tags: Wing surfing, hang glider, Yosemite

  • Low Riders

    Here is another take on Low Riders - Not to be confused with my Low Riderz video from long ago.

    Tags: hang glider, beach

  • EARTH VS. AIR- Downhill Race: Hang Glider vs Bike vs Bear ....

    EARTH VS. AIR- Downhill Race: Hang Glider vs Bike vs Bear vs Babe

    Tags: EARTH, AIR, Downhill race, Hang Glider, Bike, Bear, speed run, babe

  • New Skyrunner XR Wing at the DHV Pitch Test

    The new high performance King-post Hang Glider passing the Pitch-Test at the DHV Testing Area. I see "Seedwings" at the beginning of the video. That black and yellow DHV van has been around for a thousand years as the test bed. Can they / do they test topless wings in real life on a rig ...

    Tags: King Post, DHV, High Performance, Seedwings, Hang Glider, Testing

  • Rainbow Beach 2013-- a Dream-Like Soaring spot

    This came from the Oz Report. I believe it is actually in Oz. From what I see, it's like a dream land. I showed it to Ken and he wanted to go back to "my" dunes and practice some more to eventually get there. Anyone know more about this place? There's a vid of me launching a Mosquito FLPHG...

    Tags: Hang Glider, Soaring, Oz, Rainbow Beach