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  • Hang glider on floats

    Awesome video from youtube - never saw a hang glider with floats before Hang Gliding in the Florida Keys with Capt. Hammer and his Jack russell Terrier "Stevie Nicks". Original Lyrics & Music By our own Skeeter Biscuit

    Tags: Hang glider, hang gliding, floats, florida keys

  • Hang glider launch

    Getting ready for a winch tow at Eldorado Dry Lake

    Tags: Hang glider, tow, winch, Eldorado, Vegas

  • Flying a Trike over Mt Everest and some Parahawking-- Angelo D'Arrigo

    On May 14, 2007, For the first time ever, a man has flown over Everest on a hang-glider. The story, the myth and the legend of this ancient Himalayan land will form the backdrop to a story that grows in tension as Angelo D'Arrigo approaches the moment of truth. He will encounter winds of over 200...

    Tags: Flying a Trike over Mt Everest, Parahawking, Angelo d'Arrigo, Italian aviator, world records, microlights, hang glider, the "Human Condor"

  • Cool little story about a Sea Eagle in Stanwell Park

    Sea Eagle hitches a ride!  Read here:    

    Tags: sea eagle, hang glider, NSW, Australia, Stanwell Park

  • Ham Glider

    Met this pilot at a local BBQ restaurant. Definitely weight shift.

    Tags: hang glider, humor

  • Wing Surfing

    Interested in hearing what you hankies think about this. I think I'll skip the trike version

    Tags: Wing surfing, hang glider, Yosemite

  • Low Riders

    Here is another take on Low Riders - Not to be confused with my Low Riderz video from long ago.

    Tags: hang glider, beach

  • Got a new wing!!

    Well its not a trike, its his ancestor. But its going to be fun! 

    Tags: hang glider

  • Wills Wing Demo Days @ Wallaby Ranch (April 3rd to 6th)

    This is a great time to go to Wallaby Ranch.  Free Glider Rentals, pilots and people from all over the world, and a big party at the end on Saturday.  This year is Wills Wing's FORTIETH Anniversary-- so it will be BIG!! When WW Demo-Days ends on Saturday the 6th, Sun n Fun be...

    Tags: Wallaby Ranch, Hang Glider, Wills Wing, Demo Days, Sun n Fun, Orlando

  • Aeros Grounds ALL Topless Combat HG's 2011-2013 for potential Cross-Bar Failure

    From the Oz Report Volume 17, Number 161 Wednesday, Aug 14 2013: Aeros has released a safety directive grounding all Combats produced between 2011 and 2013 (see below). Detailed instructions for the crossbar check are being created and will be published at Aeros website and e-mailed t...

    Tags: Aeros, Top Less, Cross Bar Failure, Carbon Fiber, Delamination, Hang Glider, Service Bulletin, Mandatory, Airworthiness Directive, failure, manufactured, caused, defects, flying