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  • RC Trike

    Cool Remote control Trike model by MIA. Note to Santa Claus ..... ;)

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  • AERO Expo - Germany 2014

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  • True Glory Three - Ultimate Off-Road General Importer Office, Hangar, Trailor.. RIG!

    Howdy all trikers.. We got four shiny machines arrived in Australia this past sunday.. arrival at YFT .. Friday 5th Sept at 10.30 am.. be there if you wanna see a unique Ozzie event.! What's the SECRET.. not sure, better come and see for yourself.. On the lighter side.. thought...

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  • These guys are having some serious fun!

    Just found this in the wild at youtube's suggestion. Good suggestion you tube! Really fun to watch, but check your volume first...

    Tags: flying, competition, formation, fun, landings

  • Lift Me Up!

    If you don't like ROCK, you might wanna turn your speakers down for this one! Just out playing on the Jean Dry Lake, near Las Vegas. Chasing a dirt bike over the whoop-de-doos. Please feel free to comment :-)

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  • Dead Stick Landing

    Gotta practice those dead stick landings, just in case...   Yes, I have one of the biggest landing fields right below me (I could land a C5 Galaxy here!) but it doesn't hurt to practice anyway. I did put my Cosmos Phase II down on a tiny dirt road by the train tracks years ago. Landing ...

    Tags: Emergency, dead, stick, crash, practice, fun, fly

  • a little show

    When we thought the airport owner was not there....

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