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  • Personal Navigation Exercise: Brooweena Navs

    Yesterday 21st December, I flew on our Summer Solstice - the longest day of our Southern Hemisphere year. I used the opportunity to fly only by compass and time, after making a flight plan into areas I had never been. It was great fun. Hope you enjoy it too.

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  • Cross-Country Trikers

    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers who are interested in flying long distance: Whether it's just a few miles or Cross State-- it's all good.  Just get out and Cross it!!! Planning, equipment, packing, weather, supporting, Multi-day adventures, wilderness flying, mountain flying, get togethers, or just interes...

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  • 9,000 Miles in a Trike

    Uploaded by Henry Imgw on Dec 9, 2011 I flew over 150 hours in my trike in the year 2011, it equals about 9,000 miles in distance. Thank you all the trike pilots flew the great journeys together, specially my friends David and James, and thank to all of our families and friends who support and...

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  • Only a few hours Left on SPOT Locator Beacon Deal

    I am not a SPOT dealer, nor do I have one.  A friend forwarde me this email (link and photo below) where (if I understand correctly) you can get a deal on free service conract for your SPOT locator if you buy one now.  Christmas Gift!!??

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  • Trike Flying: Craig V ( QuickR Trike Pilot )

    Hello all, I was invited here to share some XC flying stories and create new ones and new adventures. Looking forward to sharing stories with all of you, Craig   See the Branches of the Story Tree to the Right on this Page under Navigation            ...

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  • Trike Flying over The Grand Canyon-- Oct 26, 2012

    The Grand Canyon Last Friday (Oct. 26) was a nice day for a morning flight out of my home field at Lodi, CA.  Afterwards, during the 1 1/2 hour drive home I stopped about 2 PM for a bit of lunch and checked WX reports as is my habit.  Holy S*#t!!! The reports had changed and there...


  • 15 Mission Complete- 48 States in 33 days -- Ultra Long Distance Cross Country Trike Flying

    Craig landed at Lodi just less than 2 hours ago. A big group of pilots is here to congratulate him. We went out to breakfast and are getting his stories. 48 states in 33 days!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS CRAIG, WELL DONE!!!!

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  • A trip to North Queensland Australia. AKA The Bundy Run...

    SPEED AND DISTANCE ARE CONCEPTS: 1824.4 nm in 37 Flight hours. The Bundy Run, August 2007.         The 2007 Megafauna Flyers trip to Mudgee was over. Our good friend, Harold Niblock was staying an extra couple of days with us on Yarrawonga Aerodrome. Afte...

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  • A trip to North Queensland Australia.

    This was a flying trip that we did with three Trikes. We flew 1824.4nm and it took 37 hours to complete. The three pilots and one crew member had a fantastic time and we saw parts of Australia that could only be seen by fly a Trike.

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  • 245 Airports

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