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  • St George de Diddonne

    Leaving terra firma to cross the Gironde estuary , St George de Diddonne just below with Royan the St Palais in the distance

  • Ettamogah Pub

    Australia has many unique places - travelling on the Hume Hwy is the nostaligic Ettamogah Pub..sadly due to RBT, freeways and population trends this cartoon concept building lays idle in the country with only silent memories of yesterday!

  • Flying in the USA

    Ttabs and I enjoyed a great flight to ID22 for a breakfast flyin this morning.  What a great country we enjoy such freedom in !!!  Thanks to all who serve and have served on so many fronts to preserve it !!!

  • Approaching Bowknot Bend

    Approaching Bowknot Bend on the Green River.  We climbed up to cross at the low spot on the canyon wall on the left side.

  • Checking out the Lennies in the mountains east of Flathead Lake, Montana

    "The big sky country."   Big mountains and big weather too!

  • Crossing over to Saguache

    We left Gunnison and had to climb to high to cross the mountains to reach Saguache and the San Luis Valley.  If was very cold, about 30F ambient temperature.   Our goal was the heated pool at Hooper, Colorado.  We just hoped it would be open when we landed so we could warm up.

  • "Hungary Joe's Flying Circus"

    Joe Salazi (sp?) used to tour the country with his Dragonfly touring groups of Hang Gliders who go together to do some towing.  The dragonfly pops iinto that enclosed trailer pret...

  • Doug and I tied down at Mariposa Yosemite

    Just as we got there the winds were picking up (you can see we're tied at 4 points) and clouds developing i...Storm is coming.  Jake at this time passed up Harris ranch 22 mph 90° cross--...

  • Annual Time

    In wing down mode to check the mast welds out on my Tanarg. Found one MAJOR gig. Carb retention spring clamp on the cross m...

  • North Wing

    Not quite ready but close Super heavy duty design. Good looking trike. A quick gl...rt about this machine is its simple easy mechanical style. Very smart for back country flying. Repairable almost any...