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  • Heading Home

    Departing Carson City Airport for the return trip home.

    Tags: Carson, Nevada, Tanarg

  • Ready to fly

    Departing Carson City

    Tags: Carson, Nevada, TAnarg

  • Carson departure

    Standing by for departure

    Tags: Carson, Nevada, Tanarg, Northwing

  • Paul and Loretta Hamilton

    Catching up with Paul and Loretta for the Solstice flight.

    Tags: Carson, Nevada, Tanarg

  • Arrived

    Rolling into Paul's hangar at Carson City NV

    Tags: Carson, Nevada, Tanarg

  • Solstice Flight December 2018

    Quick flight the morning of the winter solstice 12/21/2018. Flew from Dayton NV to Carson City NV to meet up with Paul Hamilton (@trikecfri) and his wife Loretta. Video is a .quick shot of the return flight. Thanks to Paul for the photos

    Tags: Solstice, tanarg, Nevada, Carson, Dayton