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  • 9,000 Miles in a Trike

    Uploaded by Henry Imgw on Dec 9, 2011 I flew over 150 hours in my trike in the year 2011, it equals about 9,000 miles in distance. Thank you all the trike pilots flew the great journeys together, specially my friends David and James, and thank to all of our families and friends who support and...

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    Finally our little trike flying episode will be aired on CBS on Tues the 17th on the Queen Latifa show. As you may recall - we took her and some guests flying last year for her first (pre-recorded) show. Here's a vid I made from my visit to LA. We took Latifa up that evening. And - I had the ...

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  • Low Riders

    Here is another take on Low Riders - Not to be confused with my Low Riderz video from long ago.

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  • Vuelo en Punta del Este- by Jodealbera

    Very Nice video. Trippy music (Dirty Paws)

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