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  • Air Creation meets RA-Aus Head Office

    Arrive at the head office for RA-Aus, Recreational Aviation Australia to discuss the QCS Certification Requirements with importing YFT's new Tanarg BioniX 13... all good, and CASA delegate is on hand to confirm we have a level playing field. Yahoo!

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  • Australia has a new Tanarg BioniX 13

    YFT is shifting the Tanarg 912s (100hp) BioniX 13 arrives today for assembly and compliance acceptance..stay tuned!

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  • YFT Tanarg evolves from the box..

    A very happy day at YFT - Peter & Anne's new Tanarg 912s (100hp) is assembled and prepared for the QCS inspections in Australia. A sexy trike oozing lots of yellow, carbon fibre, and style with aroma's of just built..such a pity Peter has no sense of smell!

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  • The paper chase for compliance registration at YFT

    Peter & Chris conduct the QCS inspections of the YFT Tanarg 912s BioniX 13 for (First of Type) compliance acceptance registration in Australia.

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  • Go BioniX at YFT

    RA-Aus - CASA approval to fly is granted at 4.00pm on Thursday 17th January 2013.., just 72 hours after the QCS is submitted for acceptance to fly legally in Australia.

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  • True Glory - YFT 2013

    Peter & Chris have achieved the ultimate in success - True Glory. First of Type acceptance with FULL RA-Aus Registration Compliance for the Air Creation Tanarg 912s (100hp) BioniX 13 in Australia - Thursday 17th Januray 2013. A true friendship in flying the finest trikes in absolut...

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  • ready to fly

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  • Inversion Layer @ 5000 ft - flying down the birdsville track in a PINK Edge trike - Australia

    mmm ... have some very old video of this trip.. a life changing experience actually! Been working on a small video production you may see soon.. and the trike was VERY pink..!  How is this line in the sky.. full inverted, and blowin about 30 to 40 knots on the ground.. not  a bum...

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  • Man it was cold and bumpy today !!

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