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  • Airborne Trike Documentary 1994

    This is a blast from the past. Channel 7's Real Life featured Airborne in a documentary. David White the reporter was enjoying himself, at least until the engine out scene. The director chose to do the engine out in the middle of the day when the air was a pretty rough. Real life won a Logie Awar...

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  • An Excerpt from "Ten Dollars a Litre"

    A documentary about rising energy usage and costs presented by Dick Smith in Australia recently aired on Australian television. This excerpt is of Dick Smith flying (apparently) and Airborne trike. If you can fly trikes Dick - welcome to the community of trike flyers!

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  • Streak III Maiden

    Flying my new wing. Speed 40-80kts. Solo:10L/hr. Dual:12L/hr.

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  • Airborne XT weight shift trike, PreOsh Trike Fest, Cushing Field

    About Triking - 2011

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  • Personal Navigation Exercise: Brooweena Navs

    Yesterday 21st December, I flew on our Summer Solstice - the longest day of our Southern Hemisphere year. I used the opportunity to fly only by compass and time, after making a flight plan into areas I had never been. It was great fun. Hope you enjoy it too.

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  • Motocross trike by Airborne!

    Just playing in my back yard...   Met a dirt biker doing the same thing, sooooo I started chaseing him. We had lots of fun, but I need a better camera angle.

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  • Microlight Over Cape Range National Park

    This was a quickly edited version of a 1.5 hour flight over Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park in Exmouth WA.

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  • Yarrawonga Flight Training

    Here is a video I made around a year or so ago. Basically, it is an unsolicited promotional video for Yarrawonga Flight Training. I was so impressed with Peter and Anne's operation, I felt I had to share it to the world!

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  • Outlaws (Don't miss the UFO!)

    Camping on the dry lake with my trike. Three buddies came out and we made it a party! Flew all three in the back seat and Dave was flying his PPG. If you look VERY closely, there is a UFO at about 6:11 or 6:12. Small white ball flies under me, then races off camera. Have to watch on 1080 to see i...

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  • Monument Valley Trike Gathering

    A gathering of trike pilots at Monument Valley UT/AZ in November of 2010

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