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  • Tanarg Low Flight

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  • Formation Friday Tanarg Only

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  • Two new Tanargs for YFT

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  • Bionix 13 Wing

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  • Wefly & YFT

    It was a nice afternoon except for the major storms that were coming. So We decided to go for a fly.

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  • 115 HP Turbo 914 Tanarg- Air Creation !!

    It's not a typical factory option, but it was done by Rotax and the Italian Air Creation Importer. So, it could be done again if you want ... ;) 100 HP is the legal limit for Ultralight category Aircraft ( FAI definition) in Europe-- So, not many 115 HP Trikes exist. This one is currently ...

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  • Breakfast Flight of 200 km that became an overnight stay.....

    Flew to Prince Albert with my buddy Noël Perrier on Sunday morning early and planned to be back for church. Well, we  had such turbulence when wanting to return that we stayed in Prince Albert for the day and only flew back this morning. We took off at exactly 05h30 - in the dark , w...

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  • TG4 - 2015

    The Aussie Air Creation story continues... True Glory IIII - 16 Oct 2015 aircraft import delivery to Australia. Flying is the easy satisfy the RAA/CASA with compliance for registration, is the other bit..! No flying for me this trip.. To begin, drive approx. 7000+ klms ...

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  • Shed 4 - upwego - ACA 2014

    Hey you all.. not posted for a while, but have been watching.. news flash.! Some 5 months have past.. and a new address for Air Creation in Australia is evolving.! Moving house is a big task... .. moving two business's is more, especially if you like to hoard lots of stuff...

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