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  • david at hot springs montana

    david at hot springs montana

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  • Hang Gliding side of 103

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  • Thirteen grand over Portal Peak with a 447. (engine off)

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  • Jebbs first video flying his new soaring trike

    this is my ol hang glider buddy who recently i talked into getting back into triking.well hes been out having a blast and all i hear from him is well iam goin fly in again today wuhooooo. now iam stuck in a engine changeover booo hooo. he sent me this video his first and said dont put it up its ...

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  • Strobe location

    Hey everybody, Just looking for the current consensus on strobe location for a small single seat part 103 trike like ours. Personally I prefer a mast mount about 6 inches above the average pilots head height and facing the rear of the trike. Seems like it provides the best coverage to make you...

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  • 103 Ultralight Trike SOLD!

    ULTRALIGHT TRIKE W/NORTH WING • $6,000  OBO • GOTTA SELL IT! • Home Built trike based on Sabre design. North Wing Stratus XP 2011 Second Chance Emergency chute Hirth F33 28hp motor Tennessee Prop Flies well 12000.00 invested. Wife says must go had heart att...

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