Changing/Rotating a Tire

By Damien
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Changing/Rotating a Tire


  • Damien

    I got this tool from Harbor Freight for $36 with a 20% off coupon. I have to say, it worked really great to rotate this Trike tire on the rim for even wear. I read the manual and looked at videos on youtube on how to use it and it was a very easy easy procedure.

    I put the hi-resolution image here as an FYI -->



  • white eagle

    Damien excellent.  Didnt even know they had that at harbor frieght. Got to get one for my trikes and my roto tiller with a bad tire. Thanks.

         Another very usefull tool  i recently found was a  very inexspencive boroscope that hooks into your smart phone. I think i paid like 20 dollars for it new on line. I was skeptical  but after recieving it i think its the most useful tool i have for inspecting my bolts tubing , rings pistons  cylinders  carborator.  Inside tubing and places hiden by fabric. It has  a magnet for picking up things and a led light on the 3/8 of an inch camera. So much better than spending $200 on a pro boroscope. 

        When my grandkids are here i can entertain  them by showing them there tonsils? Works great

  • RizzyWizzy

    Damien, thanks for posting this. This is an excellent tool. I borrowed it from one of my pilot friend and despite not being good at using tools, I was able to change all three tires on my Northwing Navajo with ease. I changed them from fat tries to 6 ply aircraft tires.

    Befor this, I once had Les Schwab do it for me. Second time when I went there and they asked what it was used for and I told them for an Ultralight plane, they refused to do it.





  • Ken

    Brilliant! Thanks Damien! I didn't know they sold a mini. Thank you Thank you.  Rizzy - I always go with "golf cart" or "go cart"

  • Wile E Scott

    Sweet! Heading over to get one now. Thanks Damien

  • Damien

    Just as an update, I replaced the Rear Tires now with new ones. I checked my logs and got 530 landings out of them in total. Probably 85% on asphalt runway surfaces. Rotating them for even wear definitely helps to get the most out of them. New ones came from Summit Racing. Great service, worked out to be $48 each delivered.