ULtrikepilotNW Maverick Legend II / JCV-360 / 13M Pacer wing and 16.8M Solairus wing, NW ATF / Simonini Mini 2 plus / 17M Stratus wing, Airborne 912XT tundra / Streak III, Tanarg / Ixcess, NW Apache / GT5, NW Scout XC & new GT6 wing

300 to 350 in trikes, many more in HG

Can't remember them all.  Mostly in PA, MD, NY, NC, WA, MT, ID, SC, CO, VA and HI. Some are private airstrips that do not have publicly known identifiers.


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Captured2017:08:09 21:05:09

proudly standing beside my new bird

By ULtrikepilot
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proudly standing beside my new bird


  • Ken

    Cool Joe. Just noticed the bird silhouette underneath the wing. NICE

  • ULtrikepilot

    Glad you like it Ken.  The undersurface pattern was my design.  This trike belongs to a new company called "Eagle Ultralights LLC".  I am sole owner and president of this company.  I thought the Eagle design on the wing would fit in well with my new company.

  • Jozinko

    Fly Eagle fly! Congrats Joe! Your bird looks beautifully.

  • ULtrikepilot

    Thank you Jozinko. Well I have already established that this eagle flies extremely well. I guess biggest difference is she will not lift off from and land on a branch like a real eagle. Wink