Wile E ScottAir Creation 2006 Tanarg 912UL, 1999 GTE 582


Trained Buffalo Ridge, VA; Home field St Mary's Regional, MD, 2W6;


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Aeros Profi TL on a Tanarg

By Wile E Scott
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Aeros Profi TL on a Tanarg

Conducted my fit test today for my new Tanarg. Profi looks good on there! Fit test went very well with no isssues noted. Starting my phase 1 flight testing after a deep inspection.


  • Leo

    Bro that looks great man! Text me, I have a couple of questions for ya.

  • Ken

    How does she fly?

  • Wile E Scott

    Right now she's all tore up while I do a deep inspection of the moving bits (cables, brake lines, etc). I installed the wing only to look at fitting and then put it back on my GTE. I still need to complete my inspection, install my radio, intercom and mount an antenna. Both rear tires also need to get replaced so if you have any tips I'm listening. Probably around early Fall I'll be ready to enter phase 1 flight testing.

  • Ken

    I just replaced rear tires on mine. Took them to a tire shop that had the proper tools - made the job much easier. You can find the tires cheaper at a local tire shop than the aircraft shops sell them for as well (by about 50%). Turns out lots of golf carts use exactly the same tires

  • Wile E Scott

    Now that my friend is some very important information! I shall make a note of it for sure :)  I have the tools to do it myself but if it gets tricky I'll break down and hand it over to the tire guys. Sometimes it's just not worth it to beat yourself up over 5 or 10 bucks per tire.

  • Ken

    Have you removed the wheel pants on this one before? The design is kind of special

  • Wile E Scott

    I removed them to transport it over from Teyhaus. I like how they are mounted; easy to remove. The build matterial is very light compared to my GTE. It's nearly flexible. I may beef it up a bit with fiberglass. I plan to install a pair of those Aveo strobe/marker/NAV lights like Revo's use.  Feels to soft to handle installing things on them without some reinforcement.

  • Ken

    I didn't love the floating hourglass shaped support piece all that much. A bit of a puzzle to re-fit. I mounted the Aveos on mine, no issues there

  • Wile E Scott

    Ken, which Aveo 3 in 1 system did you install? It looks like they have 4 models and the prices are all over the place. Would you recommend your model for others to install? The prices seem high but others have commented that the Aveo systems are WAY above others performance.

  • Leo

    I couldn't agree more Scott.

    You get what you pay for, thats for sure.



  • Ken

    I got the powerburst model. Spendy, but low profile and good performance. I also like that the Aveos don't require a heavy driver for the strobes since they are LED. Really happy with them

  • Wile E Scott


    So I am through my phase 1 flight test program and I have about 14 hours now with my Tanarg 912 UL and Profi TL 14M wing combo. I have to say I am very happy. If you like details keep reading, if not you can read the headline of, “Tanarg 912 UL combo with Profi TL 14M is a real winning combo”!


    For some background I am a new ish Sport Pilot with 78 hrs TT. I did initial training on an Apache 912 UL with a Quest GT5 wing (22hrs), switched to an Antares 582 with a 17M wing (12hrs) and soloed in my AC GTE 582 with a NW MPulse 1 19M wing for about 23 hrs. My wife hated my backseat comfort in my GTE so she bought me a Tanarg (Gata love that woman!). I performed the Profi TL phase 1 initial testing on my GTE 582 and then switched it over to my Tanarg (reentered phase 1) once I inspected the heck out of it (Trust no one!). I reviewed the GTE Profi combo and found Chris wrote a very good analysis of the combo on his Clipper. I’ll only add some thoughts about the Tanarg to expand on both his and my impressions beyond the GTE Clipper findings.  


    My airfield (KEZF) is at 86ft MSL and my days start near 68F and climb to 84F by 10am when the thermals get uncomfortable. Humidity is generally high around 80 percent. I flew these tests as both solo, light and MAX GTOW.


    Geometry of the Tanarg installed Profi is perfect. I am 6ft 4in and 200lbs. The throw and slide of the control bar are perfect for my height.  At max GTWO takeoff occurs at 50mph into ground effect and climbs out with a nice AoA at 60mph, 800fpm. I used 1100ft of runway to comfortably clear a 100ft obstacle. I have HUGE trees here! J. Mild turbulence and thermals are manageable and not too uncomfortable. The Profi TL handles mild thermals very well with an abrupt kick that settles VERY fast and nothing weird. Pitch is extremely light but that effect was slightly too much and disturbing on my GTE and turned into perfect light input on my Tanarg. I did get used to light pitch input somewhat during transition to my Profi from my NW but the extra weight of the Tanarg seemed to settle it out considerably. Roll is generally a bit stiff but I prefer the combo like that. From my testing with the GTE to the Tanarg the roll forces increased to slightly outside of desired for me but not uncomfortably so. Of note I do not fly with the winglets. If I did I would expect the roll forces to be unacceptable as they should increase quite a bit. As I have mine configured, I really like it.  Cruise is at 64mph and she slows down to 50mph with ease. Stall is at 42mph. Pull the bar in (I do not have electric trim) and she will go 80mph in a blink! You really need to watch Vne (87mph) in any descent as you will hit it fast if you’re not paying attention. No wingtip walk observed and very stable at higher speeds. She just wants to go!! Stalls are very mild with the Tanarg and GTE; course hold takes little input. I would say I prefer the Profi TL stall to the Quest GT5 stall by miles.


    Maneuvers down low do not require any special attention. This wing carries energy very well even with my Tanarg at MTOW so it floats down, throttle at idle doing 55mph. With stall at 42mph you really do have built in excess energy. Cruise is at 4000RPM on my 912 UL 80HP and solo I can fly hands off the bar as tuned by Aeros. I didn’t even have to turn one batten clip! Thank you Aeros! My landings are getting better but I am still getting use to the float this wing does. My old NW had almost no float and settled into touchdown very fast. This wing is the total opposite.  The Tanarg’s extra weight has zapped a good degree of the LONG float out but I am still adjusting to this characteristic.   With the Tanarg I experience a much more subtle float and expected sink into touch down.


    Not to waste any more of anyone’s time, I really like the combo and highly recommend the Aeros Profi TL and Tanarg 912UL combo. You may want to go with the ULS (100HP) if you lived at higher altitudes but it’s still an awesome rig.


  • Jozinko

    Great WE! Its good that you told us your experience. If remember I wrote you some time ago, you will be very satisfied with Aeros.