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Trevor Goes SOLO

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Trevor Goes SOLO


  • YFT

    For those of you that were on this years Megafauna Fly-away. You would have met Trevor the bus captain. Well today he went solo in a Tanarg. Well done Trevor

  • Ken

    Congrats Trevor!

  • XC Triker

    Woo Hoo way to go Trevor !!!!   Great seeing you solo with a "Solo"

    Thanks again for driving us on Megafauna '14

  • Jozinko

    Solo pilot Trevor, I wish you All the best! Can I be your trike passenger next Megafauna Fly-Away?

    hmmmm....by the way... so, who will be next Megafauna the Bus Capitan...? :) Congratulations Trev!!!

  • white eagle

    woooooooooohooooooooooooo   trevor  sooo happy to see your big smile  really enjoyed and apprieciated your hard work on the bus at mega. your an a-1 guy. now its gonna be your turn to buzz the bus? what a supprize I didn't even know you were flying and now your holding up the solo can.peter just amazes me.

  • YFT

    Well Look at that! Who needs Polls. You only have to put up one good post and the AT site comes alive with great comments. That's why I joined this site. Thanks everyone for thinking of Trevor and thanks for giving me a reason to stay on this site. By the way I am not on any other site and I don't even look at them.

  • Noel C

    Hi Trevor,
    A big congratulations from Jan & I. You ride 2 wheels (motorbike), you drive 4 wheels (The Megafauna bus), glad to see you transitioning to 3 wheels.....and a glorious Tanarg no less.
    Jan mentioned that "Solo" wasn't your preferred drink....something about coffee and cake??.

  • RizzyWizzy

    Congrats Trevor, that is a great accomplishment.

  • wefly

    Good one Trevor, great to be at YFT to see you do it right.. good luck and safe flights.

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Congrats Trevor, welcome to the trike family and Alltrikes.

  • ToucanFly

    Excellent Trevor. Was always impressed with your driving skills on the Megafauna bus so I am sure we have a safe and reliable pilot in the sky.

    I assume you will call your trike a "Bussard"?

  • Jozinko

    Congratulations Trevor! Its nice to see your SOLO. All the best, partner!

  • cburg

    Solo Flight (abbreviated)

    By: Tradford

    The day is just right for companion-less flight,
    winds are calm with no clouds in the sky,
    the critical gear has received the “all clear” –
    now she’s fueled and deemed ready-to-fly.

    The pound of my heart when I’m cleared to depart,
    makes me wonder if all that I’ve learned
    will ensure I survive, that I’ll get back alive –
    still intact when my flight is adjourned.

    I know I’ve progressed and that leaving the nest
    is a ritual all must transcend,
    but I find it profound that there’s no one around,
    if I panic – that might be the end!

    I’ve reached AGL in my flying gazelle
    and the tower has cleared me to land –
    I’ve already seen that the gauges are green
    and the cyclic is firmly in hand.

    I try to be neat with my hands and my feet,
    keep her straight ‘till we come to a stop,
    and I’m back to the stand where my journey began –
    the experience – over the top.

    My memory’s tossed to the hurdles I’ve crossed
    and the times I was ready to quit –
    the tasks I assailed and consistently failed,
    and a few that I hate to admit.

    This tunnel has light that is barely in sight
    and there’s no turning back now for me –
    I’ll stay on this course if it leads to divorce,
    but a pilot – I’m destined to be!