Mostly grass strips - I've landed on seal maybe a dozen times ever!


ISO Speed100
Focal Length6mm
Captured2007:02:28 05:50:03

Sandfly Country!

By Tussock

Categories: Cross Country / XC, Big Fast Trikes, Photography

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Sandfly Country!


  • Noel C

    Great Photo.  This epitimises the true benefits of triking.  What fun to fly and camp in isolated areas and experience the wilderness that triking affords us access to.  Hats off to you Tussock for a truly colour coordinated wing/Trike/tent.

  • Wile E Scott

    That is pretty awesome! Much easier to hunt for no cell signal with a trike.

  • Gibbo

    Nice pics!....our local group has a weekend Trike trip planned out to Matagorda Island....hope to post some cool picture like these soon!


  • cburg

    Gibbo...when you going?

    We were going to fly to Mustang Island (near Matagorda Island) this weekend but it was IFR when we planned to leave.

  • Tussock

    Thanks, all. My current trike no longer matches the tent ;D

    good luck with your trip, Gibbo, and look forward to seeing your pics.

  • crayonbox

    So are you going to upgrade the trike or the tent for colour match?

  • Tussock

    You may laugh, but the new (to me - bought second hand) trike was 'tent' yellow.... I repainted it silver to match the wing!