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Trailer with loading ramps

By Ken
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Trailer with loading ramps
Tag(s): Does the wing support itself here on the prop-covers
Tag(s): Point A
Tag(s): Point B
Tag(s): insert tube support here?

Trailer with loading ramps, prepping for XC trailering to Santa Paula CA from Las Vegas NV


  • Charlie P

    Hi Ken,   I may be totally off base here, but it looks like that wing is going to take an awful beating being carried around like that on a single axle trailer with those little bitty wheels and not a lot of support for the wing. It is a wonder that someone hasn't already called TPS (Trike Protective Services) on you and reported a case of trike abuse. :-)

    I was taught that when transporting a wing that it should have at least four support points, each being well padded at least six inches wide. It may take a few extra minutes to pack up that wing on top of your truck on a proper rack, but IMHO, it is time well spent.

  • XC Triker

    Ken's trailer set up is very slick with a dolly on rails for the front wheel and a smooth block and tackle to ease it up and down the ramp one-handed.  But, I agree, that off trike trailering is best for long distances (fortunately most of Ken's trailering is about 8 miles).  Shocks on the trailer could help some-- but the shocks on the trike do help (is the front trike shock in action here, or not due to the control frame being down?)

    I tried to draw a box on the prop/wing area to ask if the wing rested on the prop (with white prop guards).

    Another upright from the trailer tongue to the nose could help-- weld large pipe base, then insert slightly smaller aluminum pipe upright to nose of wing.  

    For the over hang on the tail of the wing, which looks pretty long, you could have a hinged support off the back of the trailer (Point A) that lifts up at an angle to the wing (Point B) and is held in cantilevered support by rope with block-tackle and clevis to maybe the hang-point junction.

    Kamron Blevins (Northwing) the maker of strutted wings for several companies talks below about trailering on a rack on on the trike at 2:15 and specifically at 2:37:

  • XC Triker

    Mouse over this photo to see what you can do with "Tags"

    To do that look under the button "Download Image" and see the link for "Tag"  then draw and lable your box!!

    Very cool site feature!!!!   Not to mention how easy it is to embed video / pics directly in the stream of conversation!

  • Ken

    Hi Charlie. I appreciate your concern and thanks for the comment. The trike is supported 1) at the keel by the mast and down tubes, a short front tube is also possible 2) at the struts by the struts, and 3) near the prop. This one had a PVC pipe support set up for the third support, but normally I run a steel crossbar for support. So three points of support always. The trailer is rated for 1200 lbs, and trike is 450 # according to Northwing, so runnign near half capactity with full fuel tanks etc. I'm not sure I would get a smoother ride out of a dual axel trailer, but I haven't had any issues to speak of with this configuration. I've been towing with this setup for ~ 3 years now without incident. I do know of people with wing rash due to bagging in transport though, so I guess damage is possible in any configuration. I'd love a self contained trailer, but I don't have anythign to pull it as of yet. Working on that.

  • Charlie P

    Ken, I'm glad I don't have to worry about such things. I always carry my wing on top of both my car and my van. If i am driving my van I just pick up the whole trike and put it in the back completely set up. If I am driving my Corolla I just quickly take it apart and carry it in the trunk.

  • XC Triker

    Yeah, but Ken's trike carriage won't even fit in a van, so trailer is a given.  If you had to have a trailer regardless-- the question is would you (if you had a wing that allowed it) fold the wing and keep it attached to the trike, or detach the wing and carry it separate anyway?

  • Charlie P

    Xctriker, to be bluntly honest, I would be afraid to fly a trike that was transported any distance that way without first stripping the sail off and doing a full airframe inspection. I guess you could put me firmly in the remove the wing first and carry it on the tow vehicle camp! :-)

  • XC Triker

    That is blunt but honest.  Thank you!

    Big range of opinions.  A lot of people trailer long distance like this without apparent significant issue.  Personally, I lean toward your direction, but not that far and I've flown in Ken's trike long distance.  I think Kamron is also leaning that direction (see video above).  On the other hand, it's hard to argue with apparent success.

    It's even harder to argue on this site, because I might get a 2 day time out if I do.

    But, thank you very much for the discussion.  Knowledge is power, put the opinions out thee and let people sort them out in a way that makes sense to them.