XC TrikerAir Creation Tanarg 80hp BioniX 15M

0O2, 0O4, 0S5, 0Q5, 14S, 1O3, 3S8, 3W5, 9S3, A39, AVENAL, CALIFORNIA VALLEY, CN12, CYQS, DIXON, FOT, Headquarters, ID85, K1O3, K3O1, K3O8, KAST, KAVX (Catalina Island), KAWO, KBOK, through KBUR, KC80, KCCB, KCMA, KDAG, El Mirage Dry Lake & Flying J Ranch-El Mirage, KFHR, Over LAX midfield & LAX school, KFUL, KGCD, KHAF, KHRI, KINW, KIYK, KIZA, KKIC, KL52, KLGD, KLKV, KLPC, KLSN, KLVK, KMPI, KMRY, through KNTD, KO22, KOKB, KONP, KORS, KOXR, KPGA, KPRB, KRBG, KRBL, KRNM, KSBA, KSBP, KSDM, KSHN, KSMO, KSMX, KSNS, KSZP, KSZT, KTOA, KUAO, KUKI, low pass KVBG, KWHP, KWVI, KZPH, L06, L08, L09, L61, MATANCHEN, Monument Valley, NV74, Dry Lakes, O46, O69, Over KLAXPHHN, PHDH, S16, S51, S89, SALTON Sea x3, Slab City, Stocking Meadows, through KSEA, A few that won't be mentioned (OR/MX/Sltn), Through TRONA GAP, UT25, WA09, Yosemite, 49X, KHII, L62, L17, KFCH, KCVH, CA66, KOAR KSFF 73S 72S S94 KPUW S68 Bill's Ranch S27 KGPI (Glacier) 58S 2MT1 53U 8S1 7S0 52S S09 S34 KTHM S83 KDEW, L88 (New Cuyama "X"d- low pass), KRIR (FlaBob), L35 (Big Bear), KSBD (KTOA <->San Bernadino @ NIGHT ! :)  L45, KBFL, L05, O26, Over Mt Whitney Summit at 17,200', L73, KMIT, L19, L84, KOXR, P20, L54, KFUL (Trike Lecture), KCLR, YYWG YCOR YHAY YIVO YWTO YMIA YBRN YDLQ YTOC YPOK YWGT

~ 166 Airports, Fields, or off road (4 Countries- hopefully more soon :)

If you put all your airports/off airports on SkyVector, you can make a cool map of the places you've been.  These are mine:

      In North American Continent (US, Mex, Canada, Hawaii)

      In AUSTRALIA  (MegaFauna 2014, etc)

      ALL  (get's a little crowded in this view)


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Did it !!

We'll finish paperwork in the morning, but as Matt said, barring being hit by a bus tonight and not finishing the paperwork, you did it!!

Suddenly, very tired. 


  • YFT

    Well Done XC. The photos are really good too.

  • Dave G

    Congratulations XC.......we all knew that you were gonna git er dun.

    Night flying, Quite a different perspective huh?

    Way to go.

  • Janet

    Congratulations XC Triker!  Another triking milestone and excuse to celebrate! Yea!


  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Wow.   u got certificate so you can fly at night?

  • XC Triker

    Big thanks to everyone for their support!!!    Yes, gotta get the paperwork signed and take it to the FSDO (which is probably furloughed with this stupid governmental shutdown- our government is currently populated by people who refuse to get along and work-- we gotta stop arguing as a country ...!)   Sorry ....

    YES!!!  It's great !!!  I and Trike are now certified for night flying (not that I plan on doing that a lot, but that night LA flight was awesome and I got a special one planned coming up that this is going to be used for, stay tuned ;)

    Flying over a city at night is safer than unlit wilderness.  What bigger city than LA?!

    The subject of engine out in wilderness at night came up, and the guys (including a cool South African guy (Karl) flying 3-axis around the world on stop over here) mentioned that he doesn't believe in BRS much, but that THAT would be a situation where BRS is likely the best option.  There's no way you could see powerlines / poles, boulders, ditches, etc at night ...   I went to a lecture where a medivac helicpter pilot recommended some of the portable night vision goggles that are getting cheaper-- makes a lot of sense if you're going to be doing a lot of night flying (he has to regularly land on roads, etc).  ... but, one more thing to buy, carry, charge, put on ... and I'm not going to be doing so much night flying ... just wanted night flight endorsement as a tool / experience to use if needed.

  • white eagle

    How do we know its you that did it . Its so dark in the picture. Could be a hollywood double.
    Ya now you criticized the govrnment shut down youll have to do alot of night flying.there watching you know.
    Where is that smiley button when i need it.
    A big congratulation xc cant wait to see all the new ufo reports springing up around oceano!!!

  • Dale

    Congrats and well done XC!

    A couple years ago I flew 90 minutes at night, from Torrance with Jon. It was quite an experience, I will never forget.

  • GeoBlaze

    Very exciting XC... Congratulations !!! Looks like you had a beautiful night for flying.  It's certainly a different experience at night time.  So glad you have been able to achieve this new horizon in your experience as an aviator.  I'm guessing you are among a small group who has done so amongst trikers.  This definitely opens up some great new windows of opportunity and options for your flying.  Have fun... stay safe ; ) !!!

  • Jozinko

    Well done! All was writen...then...congratulation!!! :)

  • Matt Liknaitzky

    Well done David! Nice flying last night!

  • Ken

    Really awesome XC, must have been just amazing to see LA from above!

  • RizzyWizzy

    Congrats David, what a feat....awesome buddy :)

  • Firstlight

    Good job, David! Now you've got a flying privilege I don't have. Why don't you fly up here some night and rub it in over a few drinks? :-)


  • FunFactor

    Way to go XC!! Congratulations!

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Congrats!  Night flying is scary.   IFR would help alot than VFR.   I flown my hang glider at 2 am with full moon.   The air was so smooth as baby's butt.   Landing was done with 1 car with headlight on.

  • XC Triker

    Thank you Fun Factor & Sally, yeah two advantages of night flying I can see are 1) the air is often very smooth, and 2) easy to see other traffic (if they have lights on).

  • Dean Coleman

    That's great david not too many trike night flyers I am sure.Is the endorsement on sport pilot or PPL licence.We cant fly trikes at night in Canada legally.any way congats and have fun

  • XC Triker

    Thanks Dean, there is a Private Pilot Weight Shift license in the US and night flying is allowed with it with the training.  The training was not really an endorsement, but a removal of a common restriction-- the bummer is that since the idiotic US government shutdown, I have to get a new license reissued-- if it was an endorsement I would be legally able to fly at night with the log from the other night.  Now, I have to wait around for our legislature to decide to get along first, re-open the government, then get it processed!   Sheesh!!!!

  • white eagle

    I thought in xcs honor i would share this hang glider story
    It was somewhere mid 80s i was flying at tatilla peak nm a 1500 ft lava filled vertical cliff with lots of up air and ridge.after waiting half a day i took a nice sledrun and landed at the bottom. Well now down the wind picked up
    And it became quite soarable.so i sit at the bottom and watch my buddys jimmy pyka and jim malik up soaring to there delight.tatillia has a million miles of lz at the bottom.so the rest of us spent the late afternoon drinking brooskis and watching the luckyones fly.at dusk a wonderous thing happens the ground releasing all that stored heat.and baby butt lift everywhere.now jim was are ride home and some pilots had to go at dusk but the problem was the keys and driver were 2000ft above us having the time of there life parked in smooth air under a full desert moon.we watched for 4hours in black sky with a once in a while speck skipping across the moon.now quite late are beer buz turned into upward screams of (we have to go home) after screaming and hearing laughter comeing from the dark side of the moon we were suddenly strattled by the trailing edge buzz and awkward leg position of two deproning pilots with an parinoid sense of airspeed and illusion of landing perception.to are amazement as we watched the trailing edge fluttering of there sensor and comet disapearing into the choya cactus filled nm desert.
    Then the deafaning sound of loss of airspeed followed by a heartfilled dual crunch crunch.out of the darkness comes to cactuss filled pilots with big grins and a broken down tube. This was my first experience with flying at night. Cant imagine flying the surf in the moonlight dreams

  • XC Triker

    That's a hilarious story David "White Eagle"