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Turtle Pac- Fuel Bladder

By XC Triker

Categories: Trike Talk, Tech, Equipment, Cross Country / XC

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Turtle Pac- Fuel Bladder


5.3 Liter fuel bladder HERE

This is the standard fuel bladder for ferrying airplanes, etc.  It is specifically designed for aircraft and high altitudes (low ambient pressure / relatively high internal pressure).

The manufacturer said it was OK with ethanol

It is strong, proven and expensive (~$500)

It can be connected to a system to fill your main tank, or you can pour it manually (which is what I do).  Helps me avoid a lot of leaded Avgas and extend flights through the middle of nowhere


  • YFT

    Hi XC, I have two of those fuel or gas container. I have had them for about 9 years. I have onlt used them once. I roll my one up and they fit in a bag that fits along the seat. They are great. Mine hold 20lts each.

  • XC Triker

    Thanks YFT, I've been using it a lot on this trip.  Has helped me avoid all but a couple gallons of leaded AvGas.  Put 23 hours on the trike on this trip alone, but only a couple gallons AvGas (so need to change oil since I used a little AvGas.  I think I'm going to switch to Aeroshell.)

    It does fit in the back seat of the Tanarg while full even with the luggage bag in place too.

    There is an attachment from Turtle Pac to direct fill your main tank from this auxiliary bladder-  I haven't felt the need to do that yet, but did land in the middle of nowhere once (tested the heck out of the Tanarg suspension-- it performed impressively!) so that I could fill with more fuel and keep going-- maybe the in-flight transfer to the main tank would've been a better option.

    The other tank we used on this trip was HERE


    The connection is very slow and intermittent-- I lot some stuff I was trying to post last night.  We flew yesterday morning, storm came in the afternoon, we laid all the trikes down and it rained all night.  Things got crazy at Tom's cabin- started with ping pong, then Tom added shots glasses to the table ...  there was video taken ...  some well known trikers here being goofballs.  Will post when I can.

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Will this bladder work if I pour oil to mix with gas before I put them into the trike tank?

  • XC Triker

    The TurtlePak seems to be more rugged and resistant, but I don't know specifically if it is OK with Pre-Mix--  I would check with TurtlePak, or just carry oil separately.  The TurtlePak is much much more expensive than the other bladder in this picture album.  What kind of long XC are you planning Sally?

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    XC Triker, the Flying J boys mentioned about xc trip from the Flying J ranch to the dry lake at Baker sometimes.  They do xc trips to Crestline and return, Apple Valley, Baker, Yerno, etc.


    They said we need to bring fuel container in the rear seat.   I have 2 5-gallons fuel containers.  I think that Turtle Pac is more easier to tie to the rear seat than the plastic fuel container.

  • cburg
  • XC Triker

    You having to fork out $16 Large cburg?  Ouch!!  --> soaring trike-- no fuel (not much) needed ;)

    I'm definitely going to get one-- need someone to share one with.   would really like electric though ...

    Rizzy, do you have any used ones for sale?

  • ULtrikepilot

    $16K for a fuel bladder!  That is a huge Ouch!  Exactly, for the price of a bladder on an R22 you can get a very nice soaring trike.

  • ULtrikepilot

    XC, another approach you might consider.  Get a good solid UL soaring trike with an engine, tested, proven, etc.  Once you have an opportunity to research best electric motors, matching prop, battery technology, you can choose your electric propulsion system.  On many light part 103 trikes, the engine mounts are quite simple.  Should be relatively straightforward to retrofit with you own electric motor mount and battery mounts/support.  If done thoughtfully, it might be relatively easy to switch back and forth from electric to gas engine.  There might be times when you would like/need to fly under power for longer periods of times (for example to reach some good ridge soaring) and gas engine might be better suited.  From what I have seen, large capacity Li batteries can be quite a few grand.  Lower capacity Li batteries may only be good enough for a few minutes to get you airborne.  Just a thought.

  • RizzyWizzy

    XC Triker, no I don't have any used ones for sale but if you are interested I can get you one without the engine, just the buggy and the wing. And like ULtrikepilot said you could put your own electric engine configuration on the trike.


  • acetrikesusa

    I have a couple trikes with no engines coming in 4 weeks if your really interested XC. Our standard motor mount for the simonini engine would be perfect for an electric motor too since the simonini is mounted from the rear like most electric motors. I'm not a fan of selling incomplete trikes but since you would be going electric and not a different gas engine it's not a problem.

  • cburg

    XC, no I...regretably...don't have an R22.  Can't afford one.  Although that could change, a guy is considering trading me his R22 Beta for my Hughes 269A....since he has three other Robbies already and want a Hughes.  Yippie...I have leverage!

  • cburg

    Looks like I spoke too soon...I'm 95% done with a deal on an R-22 Beta...Yee Haa!

  • av8or

    Guys,check out the 20 litre Mil Spec fuel bladders for light aircraft use at liquidcontainment.com.au 

    cost is $99.00 Aus.  


  • white eagle

    way cool av8or  i always like more affordable well made products.

  • madmik

    Excellent find Av8or...

    There are two models of 20 litre jerry cans. Do you mean this 20 litre?


    This model has eyelets for additional anchoring points whereas the other does not...


    MM :-)