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Liquid Containment Bag- from Alaskan Bushwheel

By XC Triker
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Liquid Containment Bag- from Alaskan Bushwheel

This bag was found by @Jake.  He bought a couple and liked them. They are much cheaper than the Turtle Pack.  ($90 vs $500).

They are lighter built (less weight, but less strong).  I wouldn't trust it for carrying fuel at altitude (low ambient pressure, relatively high internal pressure).

They have fewer tie down grommet points (2) (vs about 10 for the Turtle Pack).

But, they are much easier to use for running to town and getting 5 gallons of MoGas.

In the picture, I'm using George's bladder.  I bought the Turtle Pack used (at half price- still expensive).  I think I would have not bought the Turtle Pack if I knew about the Alaskan Bushwheel product, but now that I have the Turtle Pack, it does come in very handy for actually carrying fuel in the trike.  It sits very securely in the back seat (even with luggage bag) strapped on four corners and I don't fear it will explode gas on me/engine at altitude (you do need to expel air before closing the lid).  It is also reported to be ethanol safe, whereas the other may have some problems with ethanol (possibly leaking at the fuel spout?)


  • Jake

    I still have two of these bladders and like them a lot.  I've flown with them full of gas up to 10,000 feet going over the Sierras with no problems.  I had occasional problems with them leaking from the spout but it looks like that was due to a limp wrist - since I started tightening things down more I haven't had an issue.

    The carry handles are nicer than grommets in some ways; when I have them in the back seat I just run the passenger lap belt through the side handle and shoulder belt through the top handle and the bag isn't going anywhere.

  • XC Triker

    Nice @Jake, thank you for the additional info.  I hadn't thought of how easy it would be to slip a lap belt through the handles!!  Good to know they held up at 10,000'.  The instructions on the Turtle Pac say to expel all air from the bladder before closing the lid (so it won't expand at altitude as much)-- probably good advice for the Alaskan Bushwheel bladder as well.

    The other product we were comparing to is shown HERE & HERE

    Product comparisons:  Another great thing about the site.

    Maybe @GeoBlaze will talk about his experience with Rock Guards and we can group think a better solution.

    I came up with an idea for a better control bar tie on this trip--  does anyone have any experience with "printing" plastic parts?

  • XC Triker

    Thanks Kim for the user experience, really helps.  For others, this photo is more about the Alaskan Bushwheel product, but the previous photo Kim commented on and the next two are a set of photos comparing between two types of Collapsible Fuel Bladders-- the Turtle-Pak and the Alaskan Bushwheel liquid containment bag.  Pros & Cons of each.

    Also didn't realize until Kim's post that the Alaskan Bushwheel product holds 6 gallons, and the Turtle-Pak 5 gallons (I put almost 6 in it once, but spilled a bunch trying to get the nozzle on-- it's labeled for 5)