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Mount view- Baja Designs 2 LED lamp

By XC Triker

Categories: Tech, Equipment, Maintenance

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Mount view-  Baja Designs 2 LED lamp

Ttabs shared the LED lights he found from Baja Designs on his awesome blog- Ttabs Mod Shop.

He got the 4 LED version of this light-  4 amps, 3600 Lumens!!!!! (~ 4 times brighter than most out there).  But, he also installed an extra alternator on his 100hp 912 !!! (partly because he wants electrically heated items).

I got the 2 LED version- 2 amp draw, 1800 Lumens !! (still about 2x as bright as most others  ;)  ... and since it is half the size and wight, Ill have less drag and go faster !!! ;)   No, actually, I calculated all the amperage draws of the various items in my trike and compared it to the output of the native 912 with standard alternator, and felt 2 amps was pushing it far enough--

I've included a screenshot of my spreadsheet where you can see at idle, with much more draw, you will be tapping into your battery.  That's even more important if you go with the Lithium Iron (LiFe) batteries that are becoming popular (no these are not the exploding Lithiums-- search for "Lithium" using search on this site and read about what's up ...)

Oh, why I posted this pic was partly to show that I was able to squeeze some square rubber tube I just happened to have over the bracket.  This would go on the undersurface of the trike's fiberglass near the front wheel.  You can also see a round piece of rubber and a large fender washer to spread the load out on top of the fiberglass.  One hole to bolt it on, that's it.