MaartenNorthwing Navajo with 582 - N 127WP. Air Creation Tanarg (912) - N8102R.



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Custom trailer for Northwing trike

By Maarten
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Custom trailer for Northwing trike

Showing my converted boat trailer, allowing the trike to sit low and forward.  It was a matter of shortening the trailer, adding a trail for the front wheel, plus two plates for the rear wheels. I highly recommend this set up for quick and cheap home storage. 


  • YFT

    Hi Maarten, Love the photos keep them coming. I no longer have a trailer, but I really like yours. Did it take long to convert?

  • Maarten

    Thank you. Glad you like the photos. I've enjoyed your videos as well : )

    The trick with this set-up (in hindsight) is to find a used trailer that is already close to what you want it to be. Look for boat and jetski trailers because they are low and wide. I got lucky with mine. Still, it took about 80 man-hours to convert. This involved cutting, welding, sanding and painting the metal frame, plus adding some new parts. 

  • YFT

    Hi Maarten, Do you travel with the wing attached as we see it in the photo? Do you have ramps for the main wheels? My first Trike trailer was a motorbike trailer. If I didn't have 2 fuel cans on the front it would lift the front up. Not so good. Yours looks well balanced. I then desinged a specialised Trike trailer which was copied many times. Now I don't have a trailer, these days if I can't fly there I just don't go. My aircraft are rigged at the factory when we buy them, and then I fly them home, and the only time they get packed up is when I sell them. I am lucky as I live on the aerodrome and have two very large hangars filled with Trikes. We have 30 Trikes on the aerodrome and 20 of them live in my hangars.

    All the best YFT

  • Maarten

    Yes, I've got two short ramps (doesn't need much since the base is only 1 foot off the ground). The wing folds on top, an easy feature of the Nortwhing. I saw your site and hangars. Quite impressive. I don't know of any other operation with 20+ trikes. Would love to see it on my next trip to Australia. : )

    Unfortunately I only have big airports with expensive hangars close by my home, so that is not really an option for me. Plus, as you noted, it's great to be able to transport the trike to new locations.


  • Christopher


  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Liked your trailer. Very creative.

  • Jozinko

    Hi Maarten. Simply and nice. I wanted converted boat trailer like your or I wanted when the manufacturer (we have two in Slovakia) made me one especially for trike and wing. But there was incredibly expensive... Then my father and me converted ordinary cars trailer :)