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Jim's Flights- cool SkyVector Map-- Create your own easily

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Jim's Flights-   cool SkyVector Map--  Create your own easily

It's easy to make a map of all the places you've flown for your own & others enjoyment.

As shown on a recent Site Tip:

Site Tip:                     Create a cool map of where you've been!!!!

See Kael's Profile page for a cool  map of all the places he's flown. He also created a "TinyUrl" for it, but you can use the "link" feature to make it even cleaner (see "Help" for inline links- easy).

On SkyVector-  enter two distant airports you've flown to separated by a space eg "KJFK KLAX" & click "Go"  Then drag the purple route line onto the other airports you've flown to.  Should take 5 minutes & Boom, Cool map!!   Impress your friends!

Now works in Australia too ! (but upside down- hey, since you're already there, what's the weather like tomorrow? ;)


See how Jim made his (seen above) HERE:

However, don't create an extra "Page" for it, put it on your Profile page (edit profile to access) where it won't get lost.


  • Ken

    Not sure if he started in death valley and made the jump to Florida or the reverse. I think Florida might be the preferred destination.

  • XC Triker

    Tune in Next time when Jozinko says:  Jozinko: wow thats easy.  ; )"


    Here's the live chat between me & Jozinko showing him how to do this.  EASY!!!!

    You can open this page in a second window and use it as a guide to do it yourself.  That way me & Jozinko don't have to type it all out in chat for you ;)


    Me: Hey Jozinko.  How are you?
    Do you want me to help you create a skyvector map of where you've been?

    Jozinko: Hi XC, Im well and you? yes I will make some routes today

    Me: Cool, that 's great.  I am fine
    do you need any help?

    Jozinko: I dont know... I must to try it and then well see smile
    it is quite easy I think

    Me: I think the easiest way is to enter your two most distant airports, then drag and drop the purple line for the rest

    Jozinko: yes!'

    Me: if you want, I can help you now-- if you leave this (chat box) open in one window, and open skyvector in another
    Jozinko: yes and I can renamed that points and saved?
    Me: absoultely
    let's do it
    Jozinko: Just a moment....
    Me: open a skyvector window
    Jozinko: ok I have it... but there isnt our "airport" because we haven't any... and I dont know GPS position... it will be near...
    Me: OK what is the closest airport identifier? Like KJFK

    Jozinko: LZMC that is the military airport, 13km for Malacky city

    Me:  OK, type LZMC in the box next to "Go" at the upper left
    and click "Go" (this will center skyvector near your location)

    Jozinko:  Ok

    Me: cool, now right click on a point on the map where you want to make a GPS point
    or maybe it's shift click, I'm on a Macintosh/Apple so yours is probably different (On Mac it's Control-Click)
    when you do the correct mouse click,  a little window will pop up and you can select the nearest airport or GPS point, etc
    it will pop up and say "Plan: (gps coordinate)"

    click on "Plan"

    Jozinko: ok, i mark "our airfield" and make the "route" to Holíč airport
    Me: Cool, now hover your mouse pointer over the purple route line
    it turns into a hand
    drag the route line like a rubber band onto another point and drop it.  Click "Plan" if you like where it is.

    Jozinko: ok, I made route to Znojmo...we were there to a vintage... great party...

    Me: ready for the next step?
    Jozinko: yes, Im ready
    Me: cool
    OK, now in the upper right (of skyvector) there is a thing that looks like a chain link
    next to the word "Link"
    click on "Link"
    Jozinko: it isnt nessesary to renamed places before?

    Me: Copy that link to your clipboard and paste it into a word processor program, or anywhere you can save it. (Skyvector will not save your route)
    or email it to your self, friends, etc
    Not sure what you mean, rename
    you will have GPS coordinates instead of airport names
    but your map will be viewable by others just by sharing that Link

    Me: now, post your link on your profile page at AllTrikes
    then we can see where you are flying!!! smile

    Jozinko: on the maps there arent little airports here. I have only points with GPS without their names
    Me: that's fine, if you share the "link" we can see your map
    we don't have to know the names

    Jozinko: ok, i will go to do it
    How I will put it on alltrikes?

    Me: if you want to write down the names on your profile page, you can do that
    go here (to your profile page):
    then click "Edit Profile" and enter it in the "Airports Landed" section

    Jozinko: im here
    Me: do you know how to make an "inline" link?

    Jozinko: now, Im in my edit profile... there is Airport landed. jeeeeejej
    Me: Awesome!!! smile
    Jozinko: and?
    Me: if your skyvector link is too long, you can shorten it here,
    Jozinko: tinyurl is making, making and making...

    Me: ???
    oh, waiting and waiting?

    Jozinko: is there a problem if I can use that long code?
    Me: I can show you how to make an inline link, like on my profile page
    Jozinko: its made:,17.13455199495432&chart=301&zoom=1&plan=G.48.47201081111587,16.95877074496049:G.48.81650998703572,17.146453850422652:G.48.88699378517655,16.6374206473155:A.LK.LKZN

    Jozinko: that is a long one

    Me: see how clean mine is?

    Me: the link to skyvector (on my profile) is just the word "THIS"
    very clean-- not a bunch of garbage
    I can show you how
    Jozinko: yes please

    Me: You can use the long code, just looks neater if you shorten it.
    sometimes people don't click the full long link and it has a problem

    Ok, first, use this link for you map instead,16.80770873324701&chart=301&zoom=4&plan=G.48.47201081111587,16.95877074496049:G.48.81650998703572,17.146453850422652:G.48.88699378517655,16.6374206473155:A.LK.LKZN
    I zoomed out a little (on skyvector) first THEN got the link
    copy this above link I just gave you

    Jozinko: is that the right link?

    Me: No, when you click on that link, you are zoomed way in (too close up)
    but, it is a great use of tinyurl!!
    THIS link is more zoomed out and the "Flight Plan" box is gone,16.80770873324701&chart=301&zoom=4&plan=G.48.47201081111587,16.95877074496049:G.48.81650998703572,17.146453850422652:G.48.88699378517655,16.6374206473155:A.LK.LKZN

    now click "edit profile" - if you are not already editing your profile

    Me: you will like this, it's very cool
    OK, at the top of the "Airports landed" box (on AllTrikes) are several tools
    Bold, Italic, Underline, strike through, etc
    do you see those tools?
    one looks like 3 pieces of CHAIN links
    Jozinko: yes I see it
    Me: OK
    Now write something like "Hey everybody, see MY MAP HERE !"

    Me: now highlight the words MY MAP HERE
    ready for next step?

    Jozinko: yes smile
    Me: OK, now click the link tool you found in the top of the box (on AllTrikes: edit my profile page)
    a popup box should occur that says "Link"
    paste your skyvector map link into the box below the word "URL"
    then click on "Target"

    ready for next step?

    Jozinko: yes
    Me: Ok, click on the down arrow next to "<not set>"
    choose "New Window"
    then click "OK"
    Jozinko: ok

    Me: So, what you've done is pasted the link to skyvector into the words MY MAP HERE and when someone clicks on it it will open a new page (so they don't leave your page completely) and skyvector opens up
    Now click "Save" at the bottom of your profile page
    let me know when you're done and I'll check it out
    Jozinko: its done
    Me: ok, hang on, let me check it out smile
    Thats GREAT!
    but I can show you an even better way to do it
    want to see that?

    Jozinko: but I didnt see it on Activity page
    Me: Yes, your "profile" doesn't show up on activity page.  don't worry about that right now
    let's make yours perfect here first, then fix that
    the way you have it now is good BUT, there's a better way
    Jozinko: yes lets go

    Me: also, when you click your tinyURl link
    Jozinko: give me it
    Me: OK, OK, hang on, some explanation first,smile
    the way you have it now, when you click on your tinyUrl link
    your profile page closes, and skyvector opens
    Jozinko: yes
    Me: I can show you a way to make it neater AND keep your profile page open
    that way people won't get lost and not return to your profile and compliment you smile

    Jozinko: yes

    first, copy your tinyurl link
    Jozinko: yes
    OK, now open a NEW TAB/Window
    and paste that tinyURL link there to re-open your sky vector map (for fine tuning/editing)
    Jozinko: yes
    Me: OK, (when your map link opens) people see a big "Flight Plan" Box when they open your map
    close that route box-- click on "X" to the right of "Flight Plan"
    now zoom out a little-   click on the minus sign "-"  lower right a couple times, and get the map to be exactly like you want someone to see it when it opens
    drag your map to center in the screen
    is it perfect for people to see now?
    Jozinko: yes
    Me: OK, NOW go to "Link" in the upper right (of skyvector) and copy this NEW link
    this new link will show people exactly like you have it now
    BUT, there's more smile

    Jozinko: ok, next TinyUrl?

    Me: No.  Copy that link from skyvector, then hit "Edit Profile" on AllTrikes
    let me know when you are ready
    Jozinko: im ready

    Me: Ok, now I'm going back over what we talked about before- you missed this step
    OK, at the top of the "Airports landed" box are several tools
    Bold, Italic, Underline, strike through, etc
    do you see those tools?
    one looks like 3 pieces of CHAIN links
    Jozinko: yes I see it

    Me: now highlight or select the words "to Znojmo here!"
    now click on the chain link tool at the top of the text box
    a popup box should occur that says "Link"
    paste your map into the box that says URL
    then click on "Target"
    let me know when ready
    Jozinko: sorry shall we change the long link to short by TinyURL?
    Me: No, not necessary if we use this AllTrikes link tool I'm talking about now, your skyvector link isnt too long right now

    Jozinko: ok, mom
    Me: smile.  Pay attention son!  this is a very important step.

    now highlight or select the words "to Znojmo here!"

    now click on the chain link tool at the top of the box,
    a popup box should occur that says "Link"
    paste your map into the box that says URL
    then click on "Target"
    let me know when ready

    Jozinko: Im ready
    mom is short for moment smile smile
    Me: click on "Target"
    Jozinko: done
    Me: Ok, click on the down arrow next to "<not set>"
    choose "New Window"
    then click "OK"

    So, what you've done is pasted the link to skyvector into the words "to Znojmo here!" and when someone clicks on those words it will open a new page (so they don't leave your page completely) in skyvector

    Jozinko: ok

    Me: OK, now "Save" your profile and let me check it out
    let me know when it's ready

    Me: Pretty good!!!  What do you think?

    Jozinko:  this is cool
    thank you for your help

    Me: OK, now, write in your "Message Board" a message telling people to check out your
    profile and map.   Then THAT will show up on the activity page

    Jozinko: yes, but my English is very bad ... I just learn it.  i always must to use translator for some words or sentences
    Me: OH, I understand, no problem
    Need any more help?

    Jozinko: my friend were visit to Alltrikes page but English is a problem... we was learned Russian speaking for 20 years... smile
    Me: Sure, no big deal, we understand

    Jozinko: wow thats easy smile

    Me: use google translator if you want
    Jozinko: you must laughing a lot when you read my stories...
    translator? only if I dont know... I must have a practice
    can I commented that my flight on that map?

    Me: No, you can't make comments directly on skyvector
    but you can comment about it on your profile page
    I made a list of ALL the airports I've flown to
    I would love to see all the airports you've flown to on a map

    Jozinko: aha... yes, if I will make new maps I can comment it
    Me: actually, your English is very good, very understandable, minor mistakes

    Jozinko: wooooow that would to see my teacher smile
    hmmmm that my window "Airports landed" will be quite empty... because the most of them are small grass airfields... not airports

    Me: No big deal.  just make a MAP of all the grass fields you went to
    it should look quite neat
    then in your profile space, write a little bit about them
    It will look very cool!!!
    I have some GPS coordinates in my map too, and a bunch of airports

    Jozinko: there on skyvector can I give the names of that airfields?
    Me:  No, you can't comment directly on skyvector, but you can put the skyvector link on AllTrikes, then comment all you want there!!

  • XC Triker

    I just updated my map of all airports flown (I got 4 more on this trip).  See map HERE. See how to do it on this page.  This is really fun to do, and great to share.  @CraigV--  I can't wait to see yours!!  I can help you create it at Oceano this weekend if you'd like ;)  (Extra reason to come down)

  • XC Triker

    Chris and everybody, check this out-- a how to of how to make your own SkyVector "All the Airports I've Flown in My Life" map to admire and share with others.  Chris says he'll have his South Africa map up tomorrow to show us!!!

    @CraigV, what are you waiting for?  ;)

  • white eagle

    dam xc the only thing left for you is to circumnavigate the world at the equator,just leave you're freckle ,cream and a good compass :-)

  • XC Triker

    Hm, I'm not sure I should leave those things all over the world.  Maybe a few strategic locations, but ...

  • XC Triker

    @CraigV, when you going to do this-- Yours is one of the most impressive !!!

  • XC Triker

    More help on SkyVector HERE