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Mast Long Range Fuel tank

By Trike Ops
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Mast Long Range Fuel tank

Interesting mast "long range" fuel tank. Can't find any information about it, but seemed to be used on different trikes. What do you think? Would you feel confortable flying with this fuel tank?


  • Ken

    Looks neat, but I'm concerned with the positioning of this above the motor. Reminds me of one of the accidents caused by improper fuel tank venting and in flight fire that occurred in Hawaii a few years back.

  • Trike Ops

    That is my concern too, I remember that accident report. I'm just curious about the design of this mast tank, wonder if the vent is internal (long pipe from the bottom up). I see 3 fuel lines at the bottom of the tank, one of them might be the vent line going all the way down to the belly of the trike. The fuel cap might or might not be vented (I assume is not). I've seen it installed on Aeros 2 and Delta Jet 2 trikes (difference sizes). Hopefully the manufacturer thought about the fire issues when it was designed. Nice tank for extended back country flying as long as it is safe.

  • Ken

    Looking close up it looks like there may be a dark line running down the bag from top to bottom. Perhaps the vent? Do you know if that is Liters of volume marked out? or gallons?

  • wexfordair

    There's a number on the trike,  maybe it is used for fuel limited events in competition.  perhaps jozinko knows these guys?

  • Trike Ops

    Ken, that’s what I noticed too and about the liters or gallons, not sure. Wexfordair is right, the pic is a screenshot I took from a competition. 

  • Jozinko

    I dont know the guys, but I saw on youtube the video description. There are Russian team over LaManche canal. The trike is Apollo DJ trike with Suzuki engine, made by Air Trikes Enterprises Canada Maybe Vassili can give us more info. I think it is in liters add tank