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ISO Speed100
Focal Length2mm
Captured2009:01:10 03:13:17

Into the sunset


Categories: Big Fast Trikes, Photography

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Into the sunset


  • Jozinko

    This is a GREAT shot!!!

  • XC Triker

    Wow!!  Fantastic!  You should enter it in Photo of the Month & Calendar shot

  • YFT

    Thanks Jozinko and XC Triker, This was taken with a GoPro 1 and it was mounted of the gas strut. So you know how close we were because its a GoPro. The Trike in the forground is my first XT-912 and it has flown over 1200 hours and never missed a beat. It is still in one of my hangars and we hope it goes to a good home. The Pilot is no longer with us. His wings have gone from his chest to his sholders.