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trike tires for 8" wheels

By Wang 1


  • Ken

    Check unusual places. I needed Carlisle sand tires for my nortwhing, I think spruce wanted ~ 60 - 80 each, went to discount tire and they could order them for $15. Turns out they commonly use them for "turf" tires on golf carts and small riding mowers. Who knew?

  • Leo

    That's true ken. I've been finding out the same thing. In fact, it's almost comical the difference in price for the same item. 

    The tires Wang posted are a good bang for the buck tire. I'm still checking out a couple of others. 

    What I really would like, is to replace what I currently have on her....but that's looking slim. 

    Jim Waters called me yesterday and told me the Skypper tires are really nice. Mia and Neil sell them...I've got a cell msg into her and waiting for a call back. 

    Here's a pic of my Michelin Carretillas. 

  • Leo

    photo IMG_0945_zps6bqjsn1o.jpg

  • Leo

    photo IMG_0946_zpstwewlxp5.jpg

  • Wang 1

    Do you guys really think that the low speed turf tires are the same quality as the 6 ply aircraft tires?

    To me it is like comparing wings with a 3 point aspect ratio spread, not even in the same time zone.

    I use to replace tires once a year with the $15 tires and they were prone to flats with goat heads.

    Never had a flat with the 6 ply aircraft made in the usa. No shake after take off and the side wall stiffness

    makes ground operations in higher cross winds a pleasure. All my 6" wheeled trikes run aircraft 6 plies.

    With the 8" wheels the best I could do was the S83 scooter tires rated for 70mph.

  • Jozinko

    Yes, Im using pneu like Leo. 4ply for lownmover or other garden technique... A lot of people are using 2ply pneu. I didnt see a weight different, then 4ply are better. I replaced them once and I have my trike from 2006.

  • Leo

    The Michelin's in the picture have been on my Trike since 2006. The only reason I'm replacing them is because the rubber is just starting to crack on the side walls. These tires have over 300 landings from it's previous owner, plus all of mine. 

    They're 4 ply and extremely well made. Unfortunately I think they are discontinued. 

    By the way....the speed rating on any tire is calculated as sustained/time. That means a tire that is rated for 20mph max will work for our application simply because our sustained speed in at minimum.


  • Wang 1

    Leo I think that is going to be the problem the quality of tire you had is no longer available. Do the ones your running say low speed turf tire? It is probably less of an issure if your flying a slower or lighter trike and the type of runway you're using. I have had summers where I burned threw a set of new in the spring 4 ply low speed tires. But maybe it is from the course volcanic material that makes up the asphalt runways I frequent.

    Could be I'm landing too hot in the mid-day thermals, I know when I switched wings to a larger 2-place DS wing on my Maverick that the ground handling sucked bad enough I was ready to pull the wing before I swithed tires and it made all the difference, felt like I had the Pacer back on.

  • Happy Triker

    Larry uses GA airplanes tire for Revo. It is 6 ply and great for the high impacts at landings and lasts for more than thousand landings. Easy to get from the aviation suppliers like Aircraft Apruce.

    I used the golf cart tires for Tanarg. Tanarg wheels are wider than Clipper though.


  • Leo

    @Wang, The pictures above of my Michelins show all that is marked on them. They don't say much else. 

    My speeds on the buggy depend on conditions, but most of my landings seem to be right around 48-50 or so. 

    I can bring her from those speeds down to 15mph in a matter of seconds. 

    @Henry, I looked at the Tanarg tires....way too wide for my application. Here's 2 pictures of avaiable tires in 4.00-8 that are highway rated. I'm leaning towards the top picture. 

    The top is a Heidenau K75

    The bottom is the King tire they put on the Skyper. 

    Last but not least Mia sent me this picture of the tire that came with the buggy from factory.

    I have no info other than the picture so I e-mailed her this morning for specifics. 


    photo K75_zpsg6rye8ug.jpg



    photo Kings tire_zpsqldfx3tx.jpg



    photo Photo_Standard Tire_GTE_Clipper_Buggy_11-07-2015_zpsbhlqykff.jpg