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Air Creation Buggy 582SL

By Leo

Categories: Equipment, Big Fast Trikes, Photography

Pictures of our first Trike! A beautiful Air Creation Buggy 582SL Purchased from our good friend Chris Wills in the later part of June 2015.


  • Leo

    Hi everyone!


    New to this site, and honestly new to the sport! My training starts this month, and my wife and I are very excited to begin our journey with our sweet little trike.

    Thank you Cap't X for the invite, looking forward to seeing all of you guy's pictures, posts and videos.




  • YFT

    Hi Leo, your AC Buggy looks great. Welcome to the site. I like the way that you have fitted the strobes to your wheel spats.

  • Ken

    Hi Leo - good to see you finally made it here. Great meeting you down in Santa Paula, Give a shout when you are headed to Pahrump!

  • Leo

    Thanks YFT! The previous owner installed those, they're strobe/nav combo lights and I really liked how well they fitted there.

    There's another white strobe, kinda hard to see,  aft of the radiator duct on the bottom surface. It's really weak, and I'm thinking about replacing it with a red strobe instead. No landing lights yet, but I'm looking into that as well. :)

  • Leo

    Hi Ken! Like wise! I sure will, Leo's going to call me sometime next week to set something up! :D Can't wait man!

  • YFT

    Hi Leo, I have the same set of nav/strobes as you do. I also put a red strobe underneath which is great. I have found a very small but very powerful landing light. its made by TECHLIGHT and its called Mini LED Spotlight. P/N: SL-3916. You only need to drill one hole because the wires are in the middle of the bolt. you can be sen up to 3nm away on a sunny day. They only cost $60 Australian. Being LED they use no power and if you fit them properly there is no noise on the radio. Most of the Trikes over here are using them now. All the best YFT.

  • Leo

    Excellent! I will Check those out! Thanks again YFT! :)