ChristopherAir Creation TANARG 912 ES & Bionix 13, Aerotrike Safari 503, Air Creation Clipper 582 GTE XP15, Air Creation Skypper 912S & Bionix 13, DTA Voyageur 912UL, Aquilla 503, Northwing Maverick 13, P&M Quantum Pegasus 912 UL & Q15 wing.

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A new Era has begun - Pegasus Quantum Q2 and 912 - 80HP

I was sad to see the Air Creation Clipper 582 GTE XP 15 go, but quietly excited to take ownership of my Pegasus Quantum Super Sport - in shimmering Metallic Blue!

What an awesome machine - I am as happy as can be - cruises at 65mph at 4 000 rpm - an amazing aircraft.

Let the fun begin....

Spent the afternoon making a new screen to protect me from the cold breeze!

A new love affair has begun, but I will never forget my first love .....the one that taught me to fly, taught me to live, and took me to many far places in comfort - Good bye my Friend, ZU-ASX!

And Hello.......ZU-ECA!