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Training Continues at YFT


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  • YFT

    It's 2014 and our students are ready to go again, with training as usual at Yarrawonga. Preflights can throw up unusual "problems" for the unobservant... The joy of sharing a flight with your partner after gaining enough hours to gain your passenger endorsement, ... Navigation flights offer experiencing the reason to fly after all those circuits, ... and brushing up after gaining a licence but not having the opportunity to fly for many months. Just some of the flight school activity during the festive season!!

  • XC Triker

    Very Nice Pics Guys & Gals !!!  You guys are amazing and an inspiration to get more people flying together more of the time-  I feel like AllTrikes is working toward that with a huge sense of worldwide camaraderie and friendship. My wife & I are going flying in a couple hours-- looks like a beautiful day-- I'll post our First flight pics up too !

    Hey YFT, when I saw this "Preflights can throw up unusual "problems" for the unobservant" I was wondering if you ever alter things a little for your students to catch on pre-flight?   I wasn't an official HG instructor, but I took many friends out to the dunes for HG orientations to get them started into HG--  I would often take a reflex wire and catch it under a batten, or undo a batten to have it be caught on pre-flight.  It got them looking much more actively for what was wrong-- there had to be something wrong, I know that sneaky SOB changed something ...

    Hey YFT, I added an entire discussion page HERE just for you as added fun to think about in 2014.  Dying to hear what you have to say about it.