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Jon Goes Solo


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  • Ken

    Congratulations Jon!

  • XC Triker

    Awesome Jon!  Tell us about it Jon.  What kind(s) of trikes are you looking at getting / flying?  Interested in soaring?  Hey YFT, do you teach soaring?  That could be the next big thing for you to add to pilot proficiency!  soaring!   I could come out and give some intro soaring clinics, but you have some big name soaring pilots out in Oz who could definitely kickstart and punctuate your program.

  • white eagle

    Congrates jon fly safe you couldnt have a more experienced instructor. Xc yft know about soaring hell iam an ol fart but i remember shipping from ul over austrailia in the late 70s and yft founded that i think. I wonder if that 16g flying hrs prob doesnt include his hang glider time. Thats alot of flying knoledge?

  • XC Triker

    No $#i#  that's awesome, that ol guy's been around that long?  Need to reintroduce him to his roots ;)