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New Instructor


Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Photography

After much hard work "Hedgview" is now a fully signed off Instructor. Well done mate.


  • Noel C

    Hi there Hedgeview,

    Congratulations on your achievement.  That is great news.  I really enjoyed and have valued your tuition on the occasions you have been in the back seat during my training at YFT.

    The quality of RA pilots and therefore our professional standing within the aviation community is to a large degree down to the quality of the training dished out by instructors.  I have no doubt you will continue the tradition of YFT in providing quality training.

    My shout for the next Guinness and banana fritter in a couple of weeks.

  • madmik

    Hedge - that's awesome. Congratulations - although, maybe that ought to be for keeping Guiiness and banana fritters consumed together down. We need more trike instructors in our state - irrespective of RAA or HGFA. Cheers M :-)

  • Ken

    Congratulations!!! Awesome accomplishment!

  • XC Triker

    Hedgeview, that is a very impressive accomplishment!  Wow!  Looking forward to those vids ;)

  • Aussie quikr

    Congratulations Hedgeview,

    Look forward to having you in the back seat on my future training

    Not sure you can say the same though

    Regards Aussie QuikR

  • au.fait

    Just adding my congats to Hedgeview on his well earned rating. I have seen just how much work he has put in to get it Well done