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Elk River Flying

By XC Triker

Categories: Cross Country / XC

Group photo folder for the elk River trip


  • Noel C

    This all sounds like a great trip you guys are undertaking.  It is certainly my longer term ambition to use trike flying to get a different perspective of my own country.

    I would really enjoy seeing the route you guys travelled superimposed on a map with a bit of a log of your daily flight paths (if anyone can take time out from having such a great time).

    I have been checking the general locations you have been flying on google maps and it all looks bloody great (to coin the aussie vernacular).

    Keep up the photos and news and safe flying.

  • XC Triker

    Hi Noel, thank you.  HERE is the SkyVector map for some of our early route planning.  We're about 1/3 of the way through the trip.  It's kinda shaped like a 4 leaf clover, with it's center staying nearish to Elk River and the leafs adventures out to the four corners.

    Looking forward, and hoping to inspire others safe adventures in trikes!

  • Noel C

    Thanks for the update, the flight plan and the spectacular photos....all very inspiring.

    Just finishing my working day dealing with the general public and their questions and gripes.  That is also great inspiration to go flying.  

    Enjoy the rest of the trip and I will enjoy following your progress.

  • Dean Coleman

    you guys are flying some pretty rugged county up there.have fun and stay safe