YFTP&M, Airborne, Apolo, Aircreation and REVO. Most models of all.

To many to list.

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Solo Men...


Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Photography


  • Ken

    Congratulations to both of you!

  • white eagle

    Yes definatly good job and congratulations! :-) :-)

  • XC Triker

    They don't look too terrified  ;)   Congratulations!  Do you let them solo the Tanarg?

  • Daza

    Thanks for all the kind words,

    No #XCTriker we ran out of time to steal the Tanarg...


  • crayonbox

    Daza your lying... I saw it in your bag. Wait til yft finds out!

  • TrikeCFI

    Be great to have the stories in the "About first Flights and First Solo flights" group since this is such a great event for every pilot.

  • The Therm

    Thank you Peter, Ken, Anne and the rest of the team at Yarrawonga Flight training School for the 'top notch' training, it was certainly worth the travel time and associated costs to walk out of there knowing that we had achieved so much. It was a steep learning curve, much needed I might add, but thoroughly enjoyable!!!!