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Megafauna Flyaway 2013 part 2


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  • YFT

    XC Triker, meet Jess and Meg. Two of our students. This photo was taken in summer, and they now are wearing flightsuits. They are talking about there last flight.

  • YFT

    We started at Yarrawonga (Victoria), and flew to Wagga Wagga 87nm, Corwa 99nm, Bathurst 57nm, and had a free day there. Then we departed for Parkes 73nm. The Tanarg TB13 reach level flight 104kts. From Parkes we headed to Narrandera 128nm, and then back to Yarrawonga 84nm. We had 34 aircraft and 53 aircrew, one 22 Bus and trailer, to carry all the fuel clothing and food. The whole flight could have been done I a Trike in one day, but we take seven day, because it is a holiday.

  • XC Triker

    That's great YFT--  I know how hard it is to arrange "little" fly-ins and long trips with only 3-10 people.  Good on you for doing that, creating memories for everyone !!  No one will really know how hard you worked, but everyone will remember it forever !!  See you soon!

    7 days for a two day trip is a nice relaxed pace, lots of time to see stuff, have fun and keep everyone relaxed.

    Hey, 104 kts is 119mph !!!  Wow