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Learning to Trike

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Final results for me to Learn to Fly.

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As most of you know I am now certified.  Someone recently asked me a few questions about learning and the costs involved. So here is my story.  I am in Australia.


I trained in my trike after 6 lessons in Marks(instructor). It took a total of 33 lessons, ~33 hours. Hourly rate in Marks trike was $180, and my own was $100.  But you'll will have to check with Mark as his prices may vary due to equipment changes, insurances, etc.

Time for me was just over six months - due to Mark or I being away, weather, obtaining and registering my trike etc.  Can be done in 2 weeks if you get it all your own way. ie. 2 hours per day x 14 = 28hrs.  But the weather and mainly the wind is never that kind on the coast for learning to land (direction and/or strength). Early mornings (crack'o'dawn) are a must! And this week is totally out for flying due to ex-cyclone rain and winds.  Best settled time of year is Autumn/Winter.

Cost me just shy of $4k to obtain cert. (plus fuel/maintenance in my own trike). But it takes what it takes. 

Theory class is extra if you need it to pass exams.

Yes I am trying to enjoy flying for what it is now, get some hours, and then do Passenger and XC within next few months.

Don't rush into buying a trike.  Not everyone can fly, and not everyone ends up enjoying it. I am still trying to accept turbulence for what it is, I am not totally comfortable with it yet.  Don't rush into anything hey.


Hope that helps someone.