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Who is everyone?

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I love that this site is so active (I guess everyone is using this one now instead of trikepilot?), but I'd like to point out that as a new member of the triking community I'm finding it hard to know who's who on this site.  On trikepilot most people used their real names (at least their first names) except for occasionally someone like Flying Frog who I believe was simply hiding from his ex wife or something like that :)  Call signs / handles / nicknames are cool and all but I felt much more "connected" to the community when reading trikepilot than I do here. 


  • Admin

    Hi Kael - good question. There are many users at the 'other site' with fake names that looked real enough, but do we really have any assurance that they are who they say they are? We thought that the content here should be more important than who the user was. You can click on any users icon to get a bit more information about them (whatever they were comfortable sharing with the world & everyone/thing in it--  (Some people shared so much (phone numbers, etc), we had to advise them (HERE) to at least set their profile access to "Logged in Members" to keep spam bots from harvesting their phone numbers, etc). If you want to know who a user is feel free to message them, or friend them! Start a conversation! Share something with us and let us get to know you! There are lots of great pilots here and we are happy about that! Doesn't too much matter who we are, but that we are.

    FYI - I am not one but many :)


    (NOTE: some edits performed above since original post-- syntax & additions, no deletions)

  • Charlie P

    Kael, It's funny when the first comment on your post about using real names was from some anonymous guy (or gal) who calls himself "admin". What kind of nickname is that? I feel the same way as you. I prefer to know who I am talking to. It does make it feel more like a community to me when everyone uses their real names.  Heck, I still don't even know who set up this fine site. I also really don't like the idea that any anonymous member of this site can go in and edit my posts however they see fit.

    There is a poll on this site about this very subject. As of now the leading answer (only one vote) is that anonymous posting causes more problems than it solves.  :-)  The poll is HERE!

  • Kael Rowan

    Hi Charlie, I had the same reaction as you when I saw the reply from Admin.  I'm guessing by the last line, "FYI - I am not one but many :)", that there are multiple founders of this site and that they share the Admin account to manage the site and collectively provide support.  I can totally understand that multiple people might share an Admin account, but it would still seem more open and honest to me if the actual person writing the reply would sign their name at the bottom.  I don't understand why anyone would want to sneak around and hide their real identity.  I'm Kael Rowan and I'm immensely proud to own such an amazing aircraft as a trike and I'm proud to put my name beside my words.

    Having said that, I looked into the "Anonymous Posting" poll you linked to, and honestly it took me a while to figure out what it meant.  At first I thought it meant there was some feature to post a comment (like this one) as 'Anonymous' by clicking some kind of button like 'Post comment anonymously' below the comment box, but it turns out it's more rudimentary than that.  I actually would be in favor of a 'Post comment anonymously' button for all of the reasons listed here, but currently the "feature" involves messaging Admin with your comment and then they will re-post it for you using their account instead.  This makes the Admin account even more impossible to get to know.

    The solution of "If you want to know who a user is feel free to message them" isn't really conducive to a welcoming community.  Anyway, to each his own, and I'm certainly not going to suggest that we require people to disclose their personal information if they don't want to, but I hope the members of this site will eventually trend towards usage of real names (at least first names) instead of hiding behind aliases.

  • Ken

    I think that was an old idea they had to encourage folks to be bold enough to say what they thought, or ask a question that might be embarrassing if you were just having a brain fart. Looks like its going nowhere soon. I'm Ken BTW, the real Ken, and I'm out in Vegas. Welcome to alltrikes!

  • XC Triker

    Hi Kael,

    I don't use my full real name on anything online, never have (well maybe 18 years ago before I understood)-- I'm tired of being tracked and profiled, and etc.!  However, it's very obvious to anyone who's spent a few seconds on the site who I am.  I also don't like that whenever there's an accident the media goes into face book and any online site and digs-- they find some old post where John Doe, dead guy, says-- "I don't give a flying F... what the FAA says... they don't know $h,,.t!"   They use the worst post they can find, and maybe a photo of him/her at a party drinking and use it against them.

    Anyway, I didn't like that the Pro site required people to sign in with their real name and a closeup face picture- or not register (period).  That closed the door for me immediately due to the above.  And I was thinking, you know that doesn't prevent people from misbehaving, I know several people by real name (because that's what they sell with too), who were openly & proudly horrible online.  I also felt like putting my full name here would expose me to some of the attacks I got on other sites for asking people to be nice.  So I just made up a name that tells how I like to fly XC-- and I do.  My real name is all over this site and posts....    we're having a great time.    It's the content and spirit that matters.

    I guess the proof of the pudding is that many members here, when given a choice, exercised their right for a small amount of privacy from google, and all the snoops out there.  Maybe they'll change based on your suggestion, maybe you'll understand their concerns based on mine?  Either way, you can still get to know them VERY well.  Everyone also has to play nice here (by democratic moderation) or be given a timeout by the people whether they are Man on the Moon or John Q Johnson, III.

    The way I read anonymous posting is that people can use the "feature" to make an anonymous post.  Suppose you want to ask a question, but don't want to look stupid-- "I want to fly 6 inches above miles and miles of huge dense trees-- is that a good idea?"  or "should I do Loops?"  You send that post to the administrator(s) who make sure it's a legit post (not a sneaky anonymous knife in the back- eg, "John Smith here, is such an A-Hole!") and they post it for you.

    I'm glad you're here Kael-- and I would still be glad if you were RevoMcFast!  I'd get to know you by what you stand for, rather than who I thought you were.


  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    I've chose to put my real name with aka as deaf lady hawk

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    There is another thing about alltrikes.com    I felt that anyone who join this alltrikes.com should be filtered such as actual pilot, not wannabe or plan to be....   On the Facebook's alltrikescom can be commented by anyone who aren't the pilots.  

    Two of my deaf friends want to join alltrikes.com.   I told them no.   Because... they aren't trikers, nor own one.   Just wannabe.   Both are currently working on the gryocopter.   Gyrocopters aren't part of trikes.


  • XC Triker

    Hey Sally, i see you exercised your freedom here and modified your Screen name and "took off your Clothes" right in public!!! ;)  Very brave woman!!!

    I can kinda see your point that AllTrikes is a group of trikers, however, I think we gain A LOT by welcoming everyone (just not spammers).  One of my favorite posters here is an ATC controller, he's interested in triking, but doesn't have a trike YET!!  I'm gonna get him up in my trike soon though!!!  We live about 4 hours away and tried once, but weather sucked, so we hangar flew it.

    Students should certainly be welcome, and if we welcome them, then people who want to be students should be welcomed also.

    If the trike sport doesn't grow by bringing in newbies it dies.  Manufacturers die, we lose parts support, it all shrivels up.

    Maybe what you're saying is you don't want the site to be hi-jacked into a gyro-site by having a bunch of gyro guys here talking about gyros all the time--  I just get the feeling that won't happen.  Sometimes we post a bunch of silly stuff like jokes and V-12 engines, but we're just celebrating the diversity-- we are and always will be focussed mostly on AllTrikes.  Tell you friends to come over learn about trikes  ;)  share some similarities and differences with gyros-  talk about engines we have in common, cool flights, arrange fly-ins (like Havasu) together, etc.  See you there BTW!!

    That's my thoughts, for what it's worth.

  • Admin

    Ladies & Gentlemen,
    Thank you for asking.  There is no nefarious reason that "Admin(s)" keep a low profile here.  The site was actually built over a year ago, but only went public ~ 1.5 months ago when there was a call for something new-- We figured, "Well, let's flip the ON switch!" and so there it was instantly at a good time.
    When we were dreaming way back when about a site we would like, we decided that this site needed to be about sharing content and the spirit of triking and not about personalities (that we have seen create a contentious atmosphere elsewhere).  None of us wanted to be seen as the "All Powerful Ones" when using the site as one of the guys/gals just like everyone else.  None of us wanted to be "famous" as the site developers-- we'd like to be known as pilots- Trike Pilots!!   Just like you.  We simply want an open democratic forum with an even playing field where everyone gets along as equals.  By the rules of the site, Admin is not intended to moderate---that power is left to the members.  So, Admin just tries to keep the site running, adding and adjusting features and etc in the background.  The site belongs to the MEMBERS.
    Regarding the "Edit" feature-- all of these social networking/bulletin board sites use stock software which they can add to and customize.  Basically like an RV company will buy a frame/drivetrain from Freightliner, then build the RV on top (often with off the shelf components-- customizing where they have to).  Thus all sites have “features” that are deep in the frame/drivetrain that they can't control well.  The designers of the framework we chose felt that many things were intended as a cooperative project where everyone could build them-- thus everyone can edit pages if you choose them to, or you can set the "Access" to be only for you, (or friends, or logged in members, etc)!. Similarly you have control over who can read your pages.  It appears that the designers of this framework missed a few things here and there as well, like the fact that the comments to a page inherit its properties. If you leave your page write access as public then the comments are also public. If you set it private the comments are then secure. We don't like this “feature” and we are working on closing those gaps, but some of this is deep in the architecture and may take some time. "Pages" have some limitations and strengths as well, such as the ability to nest them, creating structure to your posts. We also have the ability to allow blogs- if this is what the users would prefer – but they are quite similar in nature to pages and offer little benefit other than a more familiar name. We are also working to get group "Discussions" visible in the river-- as they are the true “forum” type of feature many are looking for.  We anticipate that "Discussions" will eventually be used preferentially over "Pages."  Bear with us, and thanks for bringing out all these suggestions.  We could use some help also if any of you are programmers.
    We have come out with some very cool aviation related customizations-- and have many more on the horizon.  We think you're going to love YOUR site!!

  • Admin


    Thank you for this great discussion.  A new page has been created at the top of HELP (HERE and at About, etc) to encourage people to read YOUR comments on this page and everyone's thoughts on real / pseudonym, etc, before choosing their own direction here.

    Everyone's opinion matters.

    It's EVERY member's site!!  :)


  • Kael Rowan

    Thanks Admin (even though I still don't know who you are) :P

  • RizzyWizzy

    The thing I love about this site is the very fast response from the Admins and creators of this site. If you are discussing an important issue they respond fast. I have never seen that on any other site (big or small). TrikePilot for me was a good site but since Alltrikes came online, I rarely visit Trike Pilots. I find this site more engaging. And I also benefit from the constant updates to and the new things that are offered. Few weeks ago I just made a suggestion for some weather tool to help pilots and the creators and Admin recently came up with a "Weather Widget"...(try getting that kind of service at any other site). For now this is my new home for a long time to come :)