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iPad Mini Killer for Less Than Half the Price


By Robert Goyer / Published: Jan 04, 2013  in FLYING  ( )
For those of you who’ve been trying to get your hands on an Apple iPad Mini, there’s good news. You might not need one.

As cool as the newest and littlest iPad is, it’s difficult not to swallow hard when writing that check for the version you need, the one with GPS and built-in gyro, which means it comes with 4G cellular connectivity, something you might not need.

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  • Peter D.


    I got the ipad without cellular and bought the Garmin Glo GPS sensor for $99. It works great and you can go with just the wifi version of the ipad mini or ipad. That way you are also not paying a monthly cellular charge.



  • XC Triker

    Hey @Peter D.

    With tethering from your cell phone available, that makes sense not to get the cellular equipped iPad-  avoid one more monthly cell charge.

    On another note, let's get some scales--  truthfully, all we need is one and two equal sized blocks of wood.  Or we can get three, your choice

  • Peter D.

    I say get three, weigh all our trikes then sell on ebay if no one wants them.

  • XC Triker

    Three is fine, but we should keep them because we have to re-weigh the trikes occasionally-  ie after adding new dash instruments, etc.    I've weighed most of the individual components with a postal scale as I installed/removed them or put them in the trike (ie XC equipment), but I'd like a global measurement