Cross-Country Trikers

Cross-Country Trikers

A group for Trikers around the world who are interested in Long Distance trike flights.

A little help with the cameras.

Ever forget to turn your cameras on before strapping in?  Here's a couple shots of the camera crew coming to my rescue... but apparently not fully checked out yet on how the two GoPro buttons work.  Tom, David, and Nate finally got it sorted out... thanks guys !




This was late July 2013 at Polson Montana (8S1).  Henry and I were doing an early morning launch to Elk River.  Our special mission was to get a spare fuel pump Henry had back at base camp for Tom.  Ironically, on pre-flight before the return flight Henry discovered his fuel pump was weeping fuel and he stayed behind and Fed Ex'ed another fuel pump for his Trike while I returned to Polson with the spare.  The air was thick with smoke from many forest fires in the area on this particular morning.  




  • white eagle

    Brings back some great memories of last year but I still think you should put up where nate mooned you're cameras that you accidently left on.

  • XC Triker

    Hey Geo,  nice photos.  good memories.  Looking forward to seeing you again this year at Polson as the base this time.  Might be my last trip up north for the summer--  next summer I may migrate to Texas or who knows where else.

    So glad you posted!  Looking forward to the movies!!