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Here is SkyVector showing some flying I have completed as of and including CrossCountry NAVs endorsement in March 2014.

Nav Flight App for Android... PPGps!

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I was introduced to this app today for android.
Has anyone used it? To me it looks like it will do everything and more that i need.
I especially like the real time on line tracking, and the ability to export kml files.
There is a wealth of real time inflight data also.


  • XC Triker

    That's a cool little app CB.  Does it require external antenna's? (GPS, Variometer?)  I'm a little confused by the "short blue beam thing" (does that sort of indicate the pendulum action and flight direction variation of the ppg base?  I didn't see the price.  Th flight tracking and SOS (SMS) depends on cellular service- but is a good start--  even some of the remote places I fly have decent enough signal that where/when the breadcrumb ends due to loss of signal will give rescuers a good idea of where to start looking/direction I was going.

    Garmin really needs to watch out (and lower it's prices) with all this tuff coming out!

  • white eagle

    Hey crayon box Iam using it on my Android.I downloaded it about a week looks as though it will do allot.but I haven't figured it all out yet.I think there is a couple of other apps that go along with it that give you allot more info.looks to me it's got everything I need.sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

  • crayonbox

    Thanks David.

    XCT - You only need the app and your android phone.  The FlyNet2 is only if you want a variometer function - not required.

    Breadcrumbs are better than no crumbs. 

    I will start testing and using soon.

  • The Therm

    I have it on my Android Phone, still figuring it out but looks good

  • crayonbox

    I haven't been able to get the live tracking to work.  I really want this option.  I have sent an email to the developer. 

    There is a free version for you all to try out - if you have a Droid.

  • The Therm

    CB have you tested it moving yet? I have to experiment with it a bit more but I really like it. Though it would look much better on a droid tablet than on my Samsung Note, and of course it would be the full version rather than the anoying Pop Up Free edition.

    Are you trying to link it to some sort of live feed /Tracker? Cant see anywhere where it could do that!

  • crayonbox

    Therm, I have been testing it in the car, as you need to exceed a speed to start the auto tracking - I have it set for 20km/h.  I have generated kml files and can see them in Google Earth with altitude, but the tracking won't show up on the website.  Go to  The only flights shown are demos and fake ones I am starting to think.  Looks like a great App apart from this. 

    I haven't yet heard from the developer.

  • The Therm

    Have now also emailed the developer, mine showed up under live tracker but then dropped out, with these fixes put into place, it will be great.

  • crayonbox

    My tracking is now working great.  There is a minor bug to fix as far as i can tell and the developer is very helpful. You should give this app a try, there is a free lite trial version.

  • The Therm

    Whats the minor bug mate?

  • Trike Ops

    Hi there! I haven't tried this app yet, but there are a few others out there.  I currently use Voyager from Seattle Avionics and trying Naviator (4.99 for 30 days or 34.99(Reg 49.99) for a year.  Naviator supports ADS-B and also integrates with the Zaon PCAS XRX for traffic. Avare is free and constantly evolving, it has geo-reference charts and airport diagrams (for free). Below are the links if you want to check them out. I will be look into the ppgps app as well, thanks for sharing. FLY SAFE!

  • XC Triker

    I've been using Garmin's "Pilot" ap (formerly Pilot MyCast) on iPhone (avail also on Android I believe).  It's very good, but is ~$8/mo (not bad if you only purchase on big trips, but I was using it often enough that the $75/year was slightly cheaper and a lot more convenient), unfortunately with "Safe Taxi" it's another $25 = $100/yr total.  So, it's a really great app, but after 4-5 years, you coulda actually made a big purchase ... so  I'm really glad you guys are listing out other alternatives.    Part of the allure of light aircraft flying is that we want more flying for our buck!!!

    "Pilot" updates frequently, continually adding cool stuff (very useful for seeing the big picture of weather across counties and states- though if you want live "ADS-B like" weather, that's another additional subscription fee.  Garmin promotes their satellite subscription weather over "free" ADS-B weather).  The latest update includes a "scratch pad" where you can scribble notes (like squawk codes as ATC barks them out), and draw on sectionals / highlight, etc, a cool new feature but unfortunately for me, it looks like that only works on an iPad (and I'm using iPhone).

    So great ap, but costs add up.  It can be argued which is better live weather ADS-B or Satellite, but Garmin is not likely to have the traffic data that ADS-B provides, and eventually we are all required to have ADS-B (in Mode-C areas by 1/1/2020)  [ADS-B about to become mandatory in Australia December 2013 above FL290]

    It's cool to see Garmin's dominance of the navigation field challenged by upstarts-  results- We Win!!!

  • Flying Pig

    Look on Google Play for an app called Avare (pronounced "Av Air").  It has a lot of features that many other apps do not, and offers all of the plates and directories and so on and, best of all, it is completely free.  I've been using it for a few months for short cross-country jumps and it has been ideal.  Even when zoomed out, it displays "extensions" from neighboring airports to show you the orientation of the runways.

    Every time you start it up, it updates the TFRs, provided you have Internet access.  The cool thing is that once you have everything set up, you do not need a signal at all for full functionality.  That's pretty helpful, IMHO, as many of us tend to fly in rural areas where data signals are often sketchy, at best.

    Given the price (FREE), it's worth looking into.  It's not a trial thing, either.  It's just plain free, without ads, and updated every couple of days.  It seems that the programmers are pilots on the side, so this is kind of a personal pet project that they generously share with the public.

    I have no affiliation with these guys at all; I'm just thrilled that it's actually nicer than many of the paid and/or subscription apps, works offline, and is free without any ads or weird permissions.  Check it out!

  • XC Triker

    I may be wrong about Garmin "Pilot" app not supporting ADS-B, I guess I assumed Garmin would not be supporting free ADS-B when it competes with their subscription satelllite weather.

  • crayonbox

    After some testing and a few updates... this app is exactly what I wanted.

    I don't need inflight maps etc.  I just need live tracking so people know where I am, and I have a record of where I went.  The app will record kml and igc files for playback later.

    It also shows a lot of flight data, and you can also install your own maps so you aren't dependent on the online function. 

    Cost is only $2.50(ish depends where you live).

    There is speak of an iphone version!

    This is my choice (unless something better comes along). There is a facebook page too.

    In Australia - we have an inflight app for ipad called OzRunways.  I have it for flight planning, but don't use my ipad inflight - maybe one day.  Could be useful for XC trips though!

    Avare and many other apps used in the USA don't work in Australia.