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The TRIKE Book

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For those who don't have it yet, you MUST get this for your reference library.  I'm offering an early Valentine's Special Deal.  The book... "Trikes, The Flex-Wing Flyers"  256 pages of only trike info from lesson plans to history to navigation etc. and used by the FAA as a reference for their testing papers.  The most comprehensive book on trikes is available at a discount.  For a limited time you can get this $30 book for just $25 plus post and packing to your address, simply quote VALOFFER in the subject of your e-mail to and I'll have your book waiting to go to you.  Contact me for further details.

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  • Ken

    Great Book - I highly recommend it!

  • Lucian

    Do we have a Tom Scrivens in this group, I had an address to send a book but need to contact him.