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EricVarious, incl. Jetwing, Foxbat, Cosmos, homebuilt, Pixel, Tanarg, and Quik.

Depends on aircraft type - approx. 400 in trikes

O26, BIH, VIS, LVK, SJC, SQL, HAF, DVO, 0Q3, 0Q9, O69, VCB, 2O3, STS, HES, O60, D83, UKI, LLR, O28, 1Q5, O16, RBL, A34, 2Q5, FLX, O85, 1O5, R03, BNO, GCD, EKO, BYI, 46U, BZN, MSO, S09, FCA, PUW, 8S4, DAG, P52, SXU, RQO, SRC, HZD, LNP, CJR

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