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new trike at lumby

new trike at lumby
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gerrys new trike the black widow


  • ULtrikepilot

    Hi  Dean, that looks like the same trike that Randy was picking up at NW on the first Tues of August. Sure looked like a sweet trike to me. 

  • white eagle

    Yup thats the one ,glad to see it made it safely. Btw . I think i saw ultratrikepilot drool on it. But he wiped it off when no one was looking.

  • Jozinko

    Hey, Gerry has got a black humor... Black widow... Does he go very hurry somewhere?

  • Dean Coleman

    that is the latest trike out of northwing.he is waiting for reg to fly it and taking it home to alberta.his wife named it widowmaker typical for someone outside the sport.them things is to scary to fly in or flying lawnmower.