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Gt5 in hangar

Gt5 in hangar
By Ken Comments (4)

Categories: Safety, Big Fast Trikes

Gt5 mounted and ready to fly


  • Trike Ops

    Ken, your back seat is calling me.  Looks so sunny and bright at your location.

  • Noel C

    Hi Ken,

    Is the GT5 a recent addition to your trike?.  From what I recall you where running an ixess 15.  I would be interested in your reasons for the change and how you have found the new wing.  Did you consider one of the Bionix wings as an option?.  

  • Ken

    I have 2 wings Noel. One strutted and one kingposted. I was flying a Northwing Mustang 2 for low and slow local flights, and the iXess for cross country, and then had an opportunity to pick up a GT5 for a good price, and sold my mustang 2. I've been in a hangar now for a month, but prior to that I kept the trike in my garage and trailered to our dry lake to fly. Setup and tear down can take some time and added an hour to each end of my flying days. So I was working toward a trailering solution where the wing and trike are carried much like you can see in these examples. Below and there is a whole album showing this here on alltrikes.

    It makes the setup and teardown in the 15-20 minute range and that makes more flying possible. Not as much as a hangar does, but noticibly faster and easier. The GT5 overall is more responsive than the iXess, quicker roll rate, and also accellerates to the top end with quite a bit less bar pressure than the iXess. And has a similar speed profile and a heavier gross weight capacity. I've considered the Bionix - and love the trim concept, but the B15 seems relatively heavy in handling, although I have heard the 13 handles like a dream.  That aside the Bionix is way more expensive, prohibitively so for me.




  • Happy Triker

    I think you are routing a right pass, Ken. Now you need a enclosed trailer you can haul your trike for a long distance.