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U2 gets ready

U2 gets ready
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RAAF Base Laverton. Its gone now, and they turned it into a housing estate.


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    Thanks YFT-  A U2 plot came and lectured us at my home airport.  Very cool.  They basically flew at the edge of space--  thus one reason the US was able to develop the space suits that helped get us to the moon first.  The U2 was followed by the SR71 Blackbird- which was faster (so fast the complex alloys they used in construction expanded greatly during flight, in fact, it leaked fuel until the metal expanded sufficiently, & they had to lift the pilot out by crane).  However, the SR-71 was retired before the U2.  Almost like the P51, the U2 was thrown together rapidly, combining an off the shelf fighter body ( the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter) with sailplane like wings (it needed to grab all the lift it could near the edge of space) and was much more economical to run.  To save weight, it had just the two wheels under the fuselage and drop off wheels at the wings.  There were skids under the wings, but I believe sometimes they would have a chase car catch a wing on landing.  The plane flew in "coffin corner" on the backside of the power / lift equation most times on the edge of stall, it also had to be guided down to landing because the pilot could not judge well enough from inside the landing slope & flare.

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