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based at klws. Fly almost exclusively dirt strips in the Pacific Northwest, mainly Idaho

Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon
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This is a fly by photo of our cabin on the Snake River.
We have a 24 ft jet boat and can arrange a boat trip on the river if anyone is interested.


  • jeff trike

    Jeff,  I am very interested in all the Idaho backcountry strips.  Hope to hit a bunch of them on a trip to the PNW flyin this summer.  Which ones have you landed at?

  • Jeff

    Ive only landed at a dozen or so. I would love to have someone that wanted to go check off some more. I fly by myself 99% of the time.

    Ive landed at several more in fixed wing but havent taken my trike into them....yet.

    Lots of them are along wilderness river canyons and Ive landed at all the ones in Hells Canyon, several on the Salmon River and a couple on the Selway river. I have not yet landed at a single one on the Middle Fork of the Salmon but I have rafted that river and walked many of the strips. I will be checking off a few this summer. Its a quite a ways from me and would have to be overnight  trips.

    Lots of Idaho backcountry requires that you fly over unlandable terrain and or fly high!