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  • Kelly's First Solo

    Congratulation Kelly !!
  • RT 2017

    First flying in 2017

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    i hear that TESLA is considering building a 'self flying' trike for 'transitioning' pilots who are haveing dificulty 'reverse controlling' , push-right go left, push-left go the other left, (or is it the other way?, i'm always getting confused with...
  • Lubos B and his first solo

    You can see at 8:40 he had a problem with katabatic wind what mixed to "normal" wind. he did good decision and went around. First climbing surprised him and next he didnt use a full throttle for take off.
  • Lubos's solo

    We have the second solo man. He was stressed and forgot stwitch on the radio :) You can see he discovered dead radio at 8:08 because he was surprised, nobody talked to him.
  • Martin's solo

    Martin had his first solo yesterday.
  • Kelly's Landing Practice

    Landing practice in this morning. Kelly made 17 good landings and getting closer to his first solo. Way to go Kelly !!
  • LB training

    By Jozinko

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    Cross wind, thermal, stall and recovery and relax :)
  • MC training

    A short shots of Martin's training.
  • What harm can a little microburst do anyways?

    Don't tie it down if you want to lose it. I know its not a trike video but there is still something we might learn here.