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  • Lessons every pilot must learn

    By RizzyWizzy

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    I found this gem of a video that all of us could learn from when it comes to developing good habits as pilots. I hope you find it useful
  • Flying in Turbulence and Thermal Activity

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    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    Hi all, I hope I am NOT the only one here who is not entirely comfortable flying in Turbulence and Thermal activity. (despite the fact that I have been flying for a little while now). Few weeks ago, I was flying with an experienced (Trike pilot...
  • Tahoe Rocks!

    Tahoe to Kingsbury
  • Introduction to Trike Flying

    I found this vintage video of introduction to Trike Flying. I thought it was interesting, you may like it too.
  • wantto learn how do I begin

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    Categories: Trike Talk, Tech, Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

    Hello all I am from Broooklyn, NY (dont hold it agaiinst me LOL, Im trying to move out). I want to learn how to fly a trike, I vacationed in UTah during the summer (St George )and want to find a a club or school inthe area can anyone help?...
  • something from training

    He was quite good, then I decided to simulate him lost of engine power after take off. As you can see he did two mistakes very shortly step by step. Because the view to the approaching ground is terrible, he decided push the bar out. I had to...
  • CFI Training Books for Sale

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    Categories: Trike Talk, Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

      Note to Admin: I tried to submit my ad in Marketplace but it is NOT working, I tried both Internet Explorer and the Chrome Browser. So I am posting my ad here. Hi all, I wanted to be a CFI and bought CFI Instructor Training Books. I have...
  • a black Sunday

    By Jozinko

    Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Video

    Martin's training, the engine failure and real emergency landing