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  • FAA proposes to add yet more restrictions - watch out SLSA and electric trikes!

FAA proposes to add yet more restrictions - watch out SLSA and electric trikes!

By Ken Comments (17)

Categories: News

The proposed policy effects everyone who owns a Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) airplane, trike, glider, or powered parachute. It also effects anyone hoping to own an electric-powered experimental aircraft in the future. Because what this proposed policy does is direct FAA Safety Inspectors and Designated Airworthiness Representatives to limit those aircraft to single-place operations during day VFR and to keep them from flying over congested areas at all. In the case of SLSAs, it is when the aircraft are switched from SLSA status to Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (ELSA) status. For electric aircraft, well, the FAA is just limiting them altogether.


  • white eagle

    Well ken thanks for putting this up.not sure what all this means yet but from what I could understand it don't look good.looks like the faa boys are trying to manage a new how will this efect my elsa trike or far 103 . If things keep goin this way we will live in the land of free done! No life robot liberty and the persuit of slavery.punnish the masses for what a few do. And forced worship of the corprate elite who can do whatever they want?

    Ole help me understand?

  • XC Triker

    That looks HORRIBLY biased against our sport.  "the FAA needs feedback so that the provisions of this ‘draft policy’ don’t become real policy. The comment period is ending quick. March 30, 2014 to be exact."  does anyone have the link?

  • Ken

    There is a link on the page I posted to here

  • GeoBlaze

    Has anyone discovered more news regarding this?  Here is a link I found with recently posted info:

    All electric powered aircraft arbitrarily limited... that seems very heavy handed and unnecessarily / unreasonably stifling to progress.  This certainly is not how our history of aviation freedom and ingenuity led us to where we are today !  We should not forget our aviation roots or allow our freedoms to slowly be eroded away one small piece (or big chunk like this) at a time.  And SLSA to ELSA ... what next, is all existing ELSA on the FAA chopping block followed by ???

    Is our best response a polite note to Craig Holmes ? 



  • Ken

    Thats what I did George

  • RizzyWizzy

    I sent a letter to Craig of the FAA, the architect behind all this.

  • GeoBlaze

    Thanks Ken.  I used the provided form to send feedback: 8130.2HComment_Log.doc

    Craig replied back indicating a lot of feedback on the SLSA > ELSA issue.  Apparently part of the sentence was omitted from the draft that specifies this restriction when maintenance and safety directives where not complied with.  Hopefully the feedback on electric aircraft will help keep this less restricted.

    Here are my comments:



    Page and Paragraph No:


    Reason for Comment:



    C-2,3 Appendix C 5. c. (1)

    (1) Experimental LSA aircraft that formerly held a special LSA airworthiness certificate;


    These should not automatically be restricted from carrying a passenger.

    An SLSA aircraft has already demonstrated its safe operation.


    Other experimental aircraft with no more stringent maintenance or safety requirements do not have such restriction.

    Allow these aircraft to carry a passenger if they comply with the same safety and maintenance requirements applied to other experimental aircraft that allow carrying a passenger.


    C-2,3 Appendix C 5. c. (6)


    C-3 Appendix C 5. e. (5)

    (6) Electric-powered aircraft.


    These should not automatically be restricted from carrying a passenger or limited to a specified geographical area.

    An arbitrary restriction applied to all electric-powered aircraft would be unjustified and stifling to progress. 

    The safety of each electric-powered system should be evaluated based on the merit of the system and not simply based on it being electric.


    Promote the safe development and investment in this potentially great new form of aviation with less restriction.


  • XC Triker

    GREAT responses Geo!  I'm going to use the same.  Thanks for the link Ken!

  • RizzyWizzy

    Hi all, this was the response I got from the architect of this mess, I sent him an email and he said and I quote:


    Hi Rizwan,
    Thank you for your comments. I'll let you know when the order is published and how all the comments I've received were resolved. I've gotten a lot of feedback about the application for an ELSA airworthiness certificate when the aircraft formerly held an SLSA airworthiness certificate. During editing half the sentence was accidentally deleted. The scope intended was related to maintenance and safety directives that were not complied with.

    Craig Holmes

  • XC Triker

    I don't think it's right at all, but maybe the FAA was "thinking" (I use that term very loosely here) that if you had a Cessna in the standard category, but then didn't do certain directives on it that that plane would not be given operating limitations that permitted passengers or flight over congested areas.

    Have no idea at ALL why Electric Craft experimentation is going to be cut off at the knee!!  Just plain stupid on the FAA's part.    The Wright Brother's were experimental.  So was Apollo Moon Project !!  So were BRS's.  So were composites (Burt Rutan, etc).  If the FAA is planning on the US being dead last in aerospace innovation, then their idea is perfect!!

  • Ken

    Sadly - he didn't write me back. I also commented on the stifling of the development of electric aircraft with their new restrictions.

  • XC Triker

    Headline:  FAA Plans on US being Dead Last in Aircraft Research-- Special emphasis on killing Electric Aircraft Experimentation!

    (might as well be ...)


  • white eagle

    Gee xc could you do a reply in my computer is down and iam afraid that with my terets i could not post an orderly comment? What geo wrote is good.not sure if we should just let everything go so then we could all team up and pretend were in a mad max movie.

  • XC Triker

    Hi White E,   it's just a simple email to this address:

    If you can post to AT, then you can email, no?  Or you're using smart phone?

    Cut paste email address above, then cut/paste  title:  Public Comments on Order 8130.2H

    then your comments...  Geo's are great:

    An SLSA aircraft has already demonstrated its safe operation.
    Other experimental aircraft with no more stringent maintenance or safety requirements do not have such restriction.

    An arbitrary restriction applied to all electric-powered aircraft would be unjustified and stifling to progress.


    Add some Tourette's,  I didn't sugar coat what I had to say to him.  Stupid Idea!!

    I just think it will work better coming from your own computer rather than from my email address.  But, if you still need me to do it, tell me what you want me to tell them ...

  • XC Triker

    "AOPA: New FAA limits on LSA, electric aircraft inappropriate "

    The Federal Aviation Administration has issued draft of a new order that could severely limit the development of light sport and electric aircraft. Regardless of pilot certification, aircraft with a SLSA or ELSA certificate would be limited on the carrying passengers, flying over populated areas or at night. AOPA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Rob Hackman said the limits were not supported by current regulations or safety data. More at:

  • Damien

    Thanks for making us aware of this. I emailed Craig basically wishing for no change at all.

  • white eagle

    damien  i followed suit as well    wow i did it xc  mr comp illiterate i am